5 Must-Watch Movies for Halloween Night


If you are an introvert like me who prefers staying home all day err day but still wants to celebrate Halloween, simply ditch the parties and channel Wednesday Addams at home with a movie marathon of horror flicks and thrillers. Your cat would love it also. Here are some personal recommendations to enjoy a spooky night!

Credit: Derek237


A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)


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One of the most classic horror films ever, the movie introduced the world to Freddy Kruger – who became everyone’s nightmare in the 80s’, literally. Well-known for his burnt face and glove with razor sharp claws, Freddy was a child killer who escaped from the law, but eventually got cornered in a boiler room by an angry mob of parents and was burnt alive (this teaches you to mess with parents!). His spirit continues to live on, by entering the dreams of teenagers and killing them for reals. Let’s hope you can sleep after this.


Child’s Play (1988)


Credit: spacemov.net

Well, this is one movie that I personally do NOT want to watch (by myself, at least). I’ll probably head to a party instead, despite myself. I have been creeped out by dolls ever since watching it as a child (what were my parents thinking?!). But you can’t deny that in terms of the creepy factor, this movie is super classic. In Child’s Play, a ‘Good Guy’ doll was possessed by a demented serial killer Charles Lee Ray (also known as Chucky) through a voodoo spell while on the run. A mother, Karen, bought said doll for her son Andy’s sixth birthday and it began its killing spree by killing Andy’s babysitter by smashing her face in with a hammer.


The Others (2001)

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Set in a time after World War II, protagonist Grace Stewart (played by the very gorgeous Nicole Kidman) waits for her husband’s return from war in an isolated mansion along with her two children who have a rare disease that makes them sensitive to light. Due to her children’s condition, the mansion is always in a state of darkness with closed doors and drawn curtains. There are always voices upstairs, and strange occurrences that cannot be explained. The storytelling is definitely masterful (hang in there for a plot twist!) and it is not a typical ghost story that sends you screaming, but one that really creeps you out and gets under your skin.


Shutter (2004)


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They always say that the Thais make the scariest horror films, and one of the well-known classics is definitely Shutter. After a drinking party, Tun (the main character) and Jane (his girlfriend) was involved in a hit-and-run with a young woman that later turned out to be Natre, Tun’s ex. Tun suffers from severe neck pains since the accident, and later found mysterious shadows and faces in his photographs… well, you would have to watch it to find out, if you haven’t already!


Stranger Things (2016)


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Stranger Things is a science fiction-horror Netflix web television series, so it’s not a movie technically – but almost! Its pacing pretty much manipulates you to binge-watch all 8 episodes at one go with zero fillers unlike most TV series, so it’s essentially an 8-hour movie.

Set in a small, peaceful (or is it?) Indiana town in 1983, the series speaks of the disappearance of a young boy and the mysteries surrounding the town. It is creepy, but the good sort that leaves you on the edge of the seat and not under the covers, and a rare sci-fi flick that does not confuse you with all the genius-level jargon as the story was mostly told from a kid’s point of view.