Female Sales Execs Sleeping With Clients?


The tactics of female sales executives are in the public spotlight due to the recent CPIB probe.

The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) is currenly investigating the former chiefs of the Singaporea Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) for having an intimate relationship with a female IT procurement executive. The identity of this woman remains a mystery.

Sales industry insiders however, acknowledge that there is talk of sales executives that sleep with their clients to clinch contracts.

One female sales executive, Cheryl (not her real name) explained to The New Paper that sales people face tremendous pressure from their companies to meet sales targets, and also competition from their colleagues. The former model in her 30s, described as tall, curvy and confident, has been a medical sales representative for five years.

She said, "Using sex to get more sales is not unusual in the sales line, not just the medical industry".

She also knows of a case where a well-known doctor and a medical sales rep was caught behaving inappropriately in a clinic last year.

Cheryl however, believes only a small number of sales people resort to such means because she feels that "it is silly to do so" and "not sustainable".

Another sales executive, Michelle, 30, in the IT industry, agrees. She believes that doing so will result in a bad reputation and "word will spread among clients that you're easy". But Cheryl admits that dressing sexily works.

Near the end of the month, some of the sweet, young reps in her company will dress more sexy because they need to hit their sales targets.

There is also a running joke in her office, "We have to wear skirts six inches above the knees, and tops four inches below the chest to hit the sales targets".

Source: news.insing

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