Pokemon Go Tweets That Show How Obsessed the World Is


Even if you didn't grow up obsessed with playing Pokémon on your Game Boy Advance, chances are you've either heard about the cultural phenomenon that is Pokémon GO, are currently playing Pokémon GO, or have run into hordes of zombie-like humans stopped at street corners turned into Lure Modules, desperate to get their hands on an enigmatic Vulpix. As these Pokémon GO memes and tweets go to show, we have officially entered full blown Pokémon GO mania, and it's probably not going to die down anytime soon. Not that it's a bad thing — Pokémon GO seems to foster more IRL human interaction than Candy Crush ever did.

Credit: Youtube Alucinalow

I personally couldn't tell you what the difference was between a Pidgey, a Pidgeotto, and a Pidgeot until this weekend, when every five minutes or so I happened across another cluster of real life adults glued to their phones at the park, at the bar, at random murals, and once outside a Whole Foods, which someone informed me was not just a place to stock up on organic produce, but also a very important Pokéstop where you could stock up on Pokéballs, too. I'm slowly starting to get a grasp on which adorable little pocket monsters are to be valued, and which ones you can find any old place (looking at you, Rattata).

To be honest, I'm not sure I'll ever fully understand the hysteria that comes with finding a Jigglypuff, but I do think it's fun to watch other people get excited about it. Here are some of my favorite Pokémon GO memes to pop up on the internet this weekend. I'm sure there are many more where these came from.



















Source: Bustle