SHINee Talks About Their 10 Years Together, Travel, and Future Plans on Twitter Live


SHINee came together for the first time as a quartet since the passing of their member Kim Jonghyun, to commemorate their 10th anniversary with the release of 3 EPs, "The Story of Light" Episode 1,2, and 3.

Credit: SHINee Twitter

With SHINee's comeback, they attended many music shows and variety programmes to promote their album, much to the delight of their fans. Just 2 days ago, SHINee got a little more up close and personal with a Twitter live interview session to answer the questions posed by their fans and talked about their 10 years together as a band.

Credit: SM Entertainment

Excerpt of English translation of their Twitter live from Soompi:

When asked what they wanted to do to celebrate their 10th anniversary, Key wondered if there was anything that the members haven’t done together. Taemin suggested, “A trip amongst ourselves.”

Minho said, “Didn’t the three of you go to Spain? And find the lost paddle?” Surprised to hear this, the other members asked, “How did you know this?” and Minho answered, “You guys talked about it every day.”

Taemin also responded to the fans’ requests for a concert, saying, “We’re trying to do a concert, but a specific plan hasn’t been made yet.” Minho added, “I really want to do it. This album has many b-side tracks and I think there are many songs that will be cool when performed on stage.”

Key has been pursuing his acting career and has appeared on various dramas and films. Speaking about the difference between dramas and films, he said, “Because you’re pressed for time when filming a drama, I think there were many times I felt regret after filming. Not regret, but a sadness that I could’ve done better.”

He continued, “There’s more time for movies, but there’s the pressure of having to do well. It’s odd to say one’s better than the other and compare them. I haven’t appeared in many productions, so I’m planning to do them if opportunities arise.” He also added that he wants to appear in a “movie-like drama” when given the chance.

A fan asked Minho to share something that was difficult while filming the movie “In Rang.” Talking about a suit he had to wear in the film, Minho said, “The suit was about 40 kilograms (approximately 88 pounds). In addition to that, I wore a hat and held a gun and shield.”

He continued, “The shield was really big, so it was difficult to hold it. The suit I wore was made in Hollywood and it was made by the person who made the ‘Iron Man’ suit. So, I didn’t feel any discomfort. I really liked it.”

He went on to say that the members asked him to wear the suit to SM’s Halloween party. “It’s really expensive, so they don’t let you borrow it easily,” said Minho.

Key was also asked who was more difficult to take care of between Taemin and his dogs. Laughing at the question, he answered, “Taemin, CommeDes, and Garçons have pros and cons. The difficult thing about Taemin is that he keeps talking. When I say one thing, he continues the conversation. CommeDes and Garçons can’t talk, but it’s also difficult because they can’t talk.”

SHINee talked about their variety show appearances. “We’ve appeared on a lot of variety shows,” said the group. Key revealed, “I want to appear on ‘I Live Alone.’ I was the first one out of all of us to live alone, so I think I may be able to show those kinds of thing well.”

The fans and members brought up traveling during the broadcast. Taemin said, “I want all of us to hold hands and skydive,” and Key suggested, “I think it’ll be nice to go to Italy.”

Minho commented, “I think it’ll be nice to go somewhere like Europe, and Taemin kept talking about it, so I want to go to Switzerland.” Taemin said, “I want to do something free amongst ourselves.” Minho added, “I watched a show about a France and Switzerland travel package program and it looked really nice.” Onew added, “I usually liked vacation spots, but I want to go somewhere you can enjoy seeing and listening.”

SHINee concluded the broadcast by sharing their thoughts. Onew stated, “I think because the four of us were in a comfortable space, we spoke comfortably and it was nice to share this with all of you.” Taemin said, “After seeing that we had posted 324 [tweets], I thought that it would’ve been good if we updated about small things and communicated more.”

Minho said, “I hope you guys will look forward to our promotions, and I really liked speaking comfortably with the members. I hope there will be more opportunities like this.” Key concluded, “We’re now starting our promotions, so please support us and we’ll come and see you often.”


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