8 Songs to Get Your Heart Shaking While Counting Down to TWICE’s Concert


We are not sure about you, but the hommes in our team certainly couldn't stop their hearts from shaking when they heard about the return of Kpop sweetheart group- TWICE this 17th June. Here, we got the boys to pick out some of the band's most gym-worthy tracks, as they eagerly wait to enter the "Fantasy Park".

1. Candy Pop (180 BPM)

2. Woo Hoo (176 BPM)

3. Cheer Up (173 BPM)

4. What is Love (170 BPM)

5. Heart Shaker (164 BPM)

6. Brand New Girl (157 BPM)

7. OOH-AHH (142 BPM)

8. Knock Knock (130 BPM)