Brie Larson Reveals Her Intense Workout for “Captain Marvel”


If Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War could not marvel you anymore, here’s something more to fall for: The 9 months long insane workout that Brie Larson put herself through for her role of “Captain Marvel.”

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Check out these workouts of the superhero for your weekly dosage of fitness motivation!


We could not help but fix our eyes on Brie’s strong arms while she pulled herself up over the bar time and time again. Great news for those “lazy” people, for pull-up, is a multi-joint, dynamic and compound workout; and this means it can work many muscles all at once. And if you’re yearning for a sexy back, then the exercise is for you! Pull-up helps build the muscle mass of latissimus dorsi, which is the broad back muscles that run from the back of the shoulders to the lower back (the muscle responsible for the coveted V look).

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Other than pull-ups, “Captain Marvel” also spends her time doing push-ups with metal chains around her waist. Though it might look tough, the actress is totally up for it, as she said, “getting stronger is a process I’m committed to showing up for everyday.” In the video, you can see Brie clocking a remarkable amount of reps with the added chains before taking it off and continuing on to do more with just her body weight. Doing push-ups improves one’s reaction time by helping to train the proprioceptive muscle fibers. Every push up allows the fibers to respond more quickly to stimulation which aids in body balance and speed.

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It does seem like Brie is enjoying every moment of the workout, as she said “Every other day, I worked with this incredible trainer, and she would have me lift extreme weights over my head. Just having that, being able to deadlift before I went to work every morning, gave me this mental change that I never had before.”
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