Help Your Single & Sports Fanatic Friends Find Love By Introducing Them These Apps!


I’m sure all of us have a couple of sporty friends who are all gorgeous, and kind-hearted, yet can’t seem to find someone that matches their stride, isn’t it? If so, why not play the cupid and introduce them these apps to meet someone who prioritise an active lifestyle like themselves (read: fellow sports fanatics)?

Credit: Dumd Runner


If Tinder has a fitness enthusiastic cousin, then Gymder will be his or her name.

Designed as a social fitness platform, the Munich born app aims to connect fitness aficionados around the world and allow them to train and share fitness tips with each other (in real time) anytime and anywhere. For the app to work, you actually have to give access to all your photos and your location so that anybody who follows you can actually track you. Despite its eerily similar features as Tinder, you will not find any swiping function. Rather, you will be presented with a home screen with a bunch of floating heads to connect with.



Is your friend is a staunch believer that people do not cross their paths by accident, then Happn might be the right app for him or her.

Credit: Daily Urbanista

The app lets users discover who they’ve crossed paths with or continuously cross paths with (with the number of times included), and then take the initiative to connect. For instance, if there’s a guy you always “bump into “on your post-work running path, who’s also on Happn, then his profile will pop up on your feed. If you’re interested, you can click on the heart icon. And here’s the exciting part, the heart will be invisible to him unless the interest (click too) is mutual. Well, even if there appears to be no initial mutual attraction, you can still connect with the guy by sending a message. You need not worry appearing like a creep by doing so, for if he has the app and happens to run after work, then the odds are in your favour-he’s looking for someone, too.



We suggest doing your friend a favour by telling them about Sweatt, if they’re sick of swiping right for muscular hunks (or lean women), who turned out to be nothing more than a pseudo fitness fanatic (read: workout outfit selfie addict).

Credit: Manscore

Sweatt suggests potential matches based on how compatible people’s lifestyle choices, the frequencies of workouts, when and how they like to exercise and dietary preferences are. To get started, users have to write a brief introduction about themselves and provide information regarding their age, location and sexual orientation. Once two users are matched, their opportunity to connect will expire if they don’t connect with each another within 3 weeks.  However, if they decide to chat, they can choose to make various plan meet,  such as trying out the new hydrofit class together or heading to the new Mediterranean café for coffee.