Here’s How Meghan Markle Gets into Her Wedding Shape!


Honestly, who would blame Meghan Markle for wanting to look the best at her wedding? It’s every other bride-to-be desire. Here’s we rounded up how the soon-to-be royal is kicking up the notch to get into her wedding shape on 19th May.

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Markle’s mom was a yoga instructor, and it’s no wonder that she inherited the hobby too. The 36 years old revealed that she enjoys hot yoga- and Moksha Yoga in particular, which specialises in vinyasa-like classes held in temperatures that are close to 100 degrees. In case you’re wondering, she loves blasting hip-hop while sweating over the complicated yoga poses.

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Similar to other yoga styles, Moksha yoga’s benefits include strengthening and toning muscles, along with improving flexibility and calming the mind.

Megaformer Pilates

Markle recently turned to Megaformer Pilates for a long and lean form. She confessed that it is the best thing that one could do for their body. We learn that the Pilates involve using a Megaformer (strength training machine) which uses resistance to recruit as many muscles as possible during the exercises. With moves bearing wacky names like “catfish”, “mega monkey”, “sexy back” and many more, it’s no surprise that Markle is a big fan of this form of Pilates.

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Megaformer Pilates is said to help build long lean muscle mass by increasing the oxygen capacity to your muscles.


Running is something Meghan has always been passionate about. You know she totally heads over heels for it when she considers it as a form of “moving motivation” for her. In an interview with Shape, the American actress said that running not only keeps her in shape but clears her mind too. Still, she prefers “pounding the tracks” with a bud to total solitude, and that explains why she is often seen running with her best friend- Markus Anderson, in Toronto. Oh in case you did not know, Markus is the one who ignited the royal love affair by playing matchmaker.

Credit: ABC News

Workout DVDs

Markle is someone who would never let the inability to get to gym or hectic schedule stop her from working out. On set, she would sneak in short bursts of working out using Tracy Anderson fitness DVDs. The workouts targeted specific muscles groups, such as the glutes and core, with cardio and strength training via bodyweight moves or lifting light weights.

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For all the future bride-to-be, do remember to try out these exercises!