Say Goodbye to Boring Work Day with These Spooktacular Office Exercises


Yes, we do know that not all bosses are OK with their employees sporting elaborated Halloween parties on every 31st October. But hey before you engage in yet another boring 9-6 relationship with your laptop, why not sneak in some “creepy” exercises? Because you deserve to have some hauntingly fun! We promise the exercises won’t be too spooky for your conservative office.


Credit: Halloween Images


Trust your folks when they said laughter is the best medicine! Loosen up and give yourself the permission to laugh out loud and eerie! And we mean really eerie, like Vincent Prince in Michael’s Jackson’s “Thriller” MV. Here’s a word of caution, do not try doing this under your colleagues’ desk unless you don’t mind having blue-blacked eyes.

Every 15 minutes of laughing (MET 1) burns 16 calories


Witch Ride

Awaken that inner witch in you with this broom ride move. Just remember to be nice and help the office cleaner to sweep the floor while you’re at it. 

Credit: Daily Burn

Every 15 minutes of sweeping (light effort, MET 2.3) burns 36 calories.


Scary Yoga

In case you didn’t know yoga has a dark and scary side too. Try out these poses if you do not believe:

Corpse Pose (Savasana)

This totally resembles the sleeping pose, all you have to do it just roll down onto your back and let your body rest with your arms out to the sides and legs slightly open.


Creepy Crawly Pose (Tittibhasana)

Please attempt this only if you have really strong arms.


Scary Ghost Boo Pose (Simhasana)

This pose is relatively easy as compared to the one above. Just get into a kneeling position and then lift up slightly off your heels. Next, make your hands into fists and stretch your arms out to the front as you stick out your tongue and scream!
Credit: IDAYZ

Every 15 minutes of yoga (general, MET 2.8) burns 44 calories


Thriller Dance

Download MJ’s Thriller on your playlist and sway to the beats like the folks in the video below. Ask your colleagues to join in too, the more the merrier!

Every 15 minutes of dancing (general, MET 7.8) burns 123 calories


Frankenstein Walk

We dare you to walk to and fro to your boss’ office like Frankenstein.

Credit: Animated