This New Feature Allows You to Book for Workout Classes on Instagram


Here’s another reason for your Instagram’s addiction- the ability to sign up for workout classes (yes directly from IG itself). No, not kidding.

Credit: Oberlo

If you are the sort that follows every technology news, then you will know that Instagram will soon be rolling out a series of "action buttons". These buttons will appear on respective business pages and allow users to reserve, get tickets, start order or book their favourite workout classes through partners without having to exit Instagram.

Credit: Mashable

All you'll have to do is head over to the IG's profile of a fitness studio (or restaurant or spa too) to reserve a class using the action buttons. A browser window will open after the buttons are clicked, allowing you to perform your chosen action.

Credit: Pexels 

Instagram hopes to push the consumers from the discovery phase directly into taking action with its new feature. "As more people continue to interact with businesses on Instagram and take action when inspiration strikes, we're making it easier to turn that discovery into action," says Instagram in their press release.

A launch date hasn't yet been announced, but the feature is expected to launch later this month.