Upgrade Your Spring Cleaning & Burn More Calories Now!


With January comes, Lunar New Year! We say, it’s not just about spring cleaning your crib to chase away all the bad luck, but also an opportune time to add some novelties to your cleaning, and torch away all the extra calories you accumulated in the past year. Get ready to bid goodbye to the old, and welcome the new! 


Credit: Absolute Services

Cleaning the Windows

Removing a year’s worth of dirt and grime from the windows is no small feat—that’s why you burn 185 worth of calories per hour (~ 2 pieces of pineapple tarts). Remember to switch your arms while cleaning, to ensure that both arms get a good work out.


Credit: Authentic Cleaner

Upgrade your cleaning & burn more calories by pile squatting in front of the windows, while you wipe the windows vigorously in a large clockwise manner. Repeat for 10 times, then go anticlockwise, before switching arms. Oh before we forget, squatting helps to burn 104 calories every hour.


Credit: Lifehack


Scrubbing the Bathroom Floor

Stop thinking that getting down on all fours for scrubbing is your worst nightmare, it’s in fact your best friend in terms of getting a decent workout! Still not convinced? Just an hour of the scrubbing burns 116 to 375 calories, depending on how vigorously you actually scrubbed.


Credit: The Gap

For extra fitness boost, try placing your hands on the edge of the sink, and do some push ups between scrubs for 15 minutes (yes, you burn approximately 2.5 mini deep fried shrimp rolls, 55 calories). Make sure the surfaces are dry, a blue black on your forehead is not pretty!



Did you know that an hour of vacuuming could burn as many as 190 calories? Which means you really deserves that slice of chicken bak kua afterwards (just kidding). But don’t let the fun stop there. Cue your festive tune, put on some comfy clothes, and dance in between your vacuums. 


Credit: Her Space

Make your vacuuming more intense with some single leg lunges. Keep your upper body straight, step forward with your right leg, and lower your hips until both knees are bent at 90 degree. Keep your weight in the heels as you push back to the starting position. Repeat for 20 times, before switching leg.


Credit: Cleanleanmommymachine

Changing the Bed Sheets

After 30 minutes of changing your sheets to a colourful set, your body is definitely gleeful, as it burns 95 calories. However, you can make your body more joyful, by doing the Bam Bam Slam.


Credit: Jellyfields

Sounds violent? Fret not. Stand on your bed, and hold your pillow, with your knees slightly bent into a pile squat position. With fully extended arms, raise the pillow overhead. Drop into a low squat position and bring the pillow down to your navel. Release and let the pillow slam on the floor. Quickly grab the pillow, and return to the starting position. Repeat as many times as possible. 



Although mopping burns approximately 2.5 pieces of loveletter in an hour (144 calories), yet not many people enjoy doing it. However, you can choose to add some fun into it with lateral twist. 


Credit: Urbane Women

Start off in a lunge position (refer to above), hold the mop with your arms extended straight in front of you. Twist your upper body laterally to the left. Return to the original position, and repeat for 60 seconds before changing sides.


Garbage Curls

Last but not least, remember to seize the opportunity to do a few biceps curls as you carry the thrash of your spring cleaning to the rubbish chute.


Activities calories were all calculated based on a 55kg adult.