What Type of Workouts You Should Do Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Of course, any workout beats no workout, but if you could actually maximize your performance somehow, you'd be into it, right? Well, turns out there are certain exercises that are better suited to your body's needs based on your zodiac sign.



Sounds strange, but stay with us here. Some signs are believed to enjoy low-intensity workouts, while others prefer high-intensity, fast-paced workouts. And while some signs can easily exercise solo, others might need some outside motivation, perhaps in the form of a sports league or class.

So before booking your next class online, think about trying a new workout that's aligned with the stars. We got the details from Rachel Lang, astrological consultant and healer, as well as Jolie Manza, fitness expert and founder of Surfin2Yoga.



Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and grace, Tauruses tend to prefer exercises that build strength over time. So, a great workout might be Pilates. They're also not afraid to work out solo, so they might try walking or slow jogs in nature to benefit the mind and body, said Lang.

Another option? Martial arts. The structure and stability and practical nature of martial arts, with its twist of creativity yet demand for strength, is the perfect blend for the Taurus.




Aries need to sweat out stress and thus require a lot of physical activity. Here's why: fiery planet Mars is Aries's ruling planet, so Aries tend to have more energy to exert. And they need variety and intensity to really push themselves with each workout. A great example? "Crossfit works well, as does any exercise routine that helps fuel their competitive edge. An Aries would be a prime competitor in an Ironman competition," said Lang.



Always on the go, Gemini need spontaneity in their workout routines to shake things up.

"I recommend a Gemini try ClassPass so they can sign up to try an aerial class one day and trampoline the next," said Lang. Also, since the sign of Gemini rules the lungs, it's important for Gemini to have cardio in the mix to build lung capacity over time, she added.




Ruled by the moon, a workout isn't always in the cards for a Cancer; they choose to exercise based on how they're feeling. "Because of this, I recommend they have a set schedule that includes circuit training. Working out with a trainer or friend can help them stay motivated," said Lang.

As Cancer rules the stomach, this may be where Cancer holds extra weight. A good ab routine can help Cancers maintain a flat stomach, Lang added. (Hint: try this one.)

Yoga is also great for the core, said Manza. "Vinyasa or Power Flow yoga — a powerful practice has equal parts creativity, connection, challenge, and consistency to keep the passion sparked in a Cancer, as well as make them feel connected, looked after, and loved."




As a fire sign, Leo needs regular exercise. It's important for Leos to look good in order to feel good, mentally and emotionally, said Lang. Since Leos do not like to live a sedentary life, they should include body-sculpting exercises that create definition and shape, she said.

"This, combined with interval training a few times a week for cardio, will help Leo see favourable results," Lang said.




Good news for Virgos: not many signs share their endurance or discipline! "That person at the 5 a.m. boot camp each morning is likely a Virgo," said Lang. And "while Virgo has a lot of strength, they may not be able to build thick muscles like other signs."

"In fact, many Virgos may look thin but are actually incredibly strong," she added. Virgos do well with boot camp, running, jumping rope, or rowing. And because Virgos like structure, a gym routine could be the best bet, where they do the same thing at the same time to keep reaching their goals, said Manza.




"Libra may resist working out, but it's actually important for them. They might need a workout buddy or trainer to help coach them along and keep them motivated," said Lang.

Pilates, yoga, or barre classes fit the Libra personality, but Libras need to be pushed a little harder to reach their health goals. What's more, "Libra rules the lumbar region, and core work is important for maintaining low-back and abdominal health," she added.




Scorpios like intensity, like HIIT or Tabata, and they do better with intervals as opposed to endurance training, said Lang. And Scorpio is also a water sign, so water sports like swimming may be soothing and especially enjoyable.

Still, whatever they do, Scorpios need to blow off steam. So when they're fired up about something, boxing could help vent frustration, said Manza.




Like other fire signs, Sagittarians require a good amount of physical release or activity.
"For a free-spirited Sagittarius, getting outside in nature for exercise is the best bet," said Lang. "Hiking, mountain biking, skiing, or rock climbing are great ways for Sagittarius to exert physical energy and get some fresh air."



A great quality? Capricorns set a goal and move toward it. They are not likely to follow the latest fad or crash diet, said Lang; rather, they establish health priorities and climb toward their goals.

"For many Capricorns, slow and steady strength training works well. And if a Capricorn is training for a race or competition, he or she will feel extra motivated to work out," Lang said. Tennis, volleyball, or other sports also work for a Capricorn.

Another option? Pilates. "Known for its linear, controlled, and disciplined approach to fitness, Pilates requires determination, skill, and a strong sense of focus that might just be the perfect match for Capricorns," said Manza.




Aquarians might get bored doing the same thing every day, and as an air sign, like Gemini and Libra, Aquarians might enjoy aerial classes or workouts on the trampoline, said Lang. But, luckily, once they find a plan that works for them, Aquarians stay committed.

"They will rebel if they feel forced in any way. That means: work with a trainer who is flexible and willing to try new things," she said. And an Aquarius likes the social aspect of working out, too. For instance, "SoulCycle with a good instructor will motivate and inspire Aquarius to go the extra mile," Lang explained.

So finding a great class is usually the trick. And, "known as self-thinkers and open-minded individuals who have a passion for music," said Manza, Aquarians really like upbeat playlists.




Pisces is the quintessential water sign, so they naturally make excellent swimmers. "Not only that, but Pisces enjoy exercises that help them express their creativity, like Zumba, 5Rhythms dance, or cardio dance," said Lang.

And, for Pisces, the exercise has to feel good and enjoyable, so if it feels too much like work, they will find any number of excuses to get out of it, she adds.

Another option? Try partner, Acro yoga, as this is especially playful, said Manza.

The article first appeared on Popsugar.