5 Things You Need to Know about Asahi’s New Transparent Latte!


Building on the success of its clear milk tea, Asahi has once again sent the Internet into a frenzy with the release of its transparent latte! Regardless of whether you’re sceptical or excited about it, here are 5 things that you need to know about the innovative cup of Joe!

Credit: Screenshot from Youtube

1. What Does It Contain?

Officially titled “Asahi Clear Latte from Delicious Water”, the drink is a concoction of espresso extract from coffee beans, milk ingredients components and whey mineral concentrate. It is said that these ingredients allow the beverage to provide the richness and flavour of a proper latte. 

Credit: Instagram/@ssssshin1218

2. How Does It Taste?

Most of the online reviews agreed that Asahi's transparent latte tastes similar to any other bottled coffee drinks. Despite the drink's milder than usual flavour, Japanese site-SoraNews24 commented that the drink gives an "understated, semi-sweet bitterness aftertaste, and releases a gentle, slightly acidic aroma upon opening" While, Japanese media outlet- Grape expressed that the drink has a "rich consistency about on par with most iced coffee."

Credit: SoraNews24

3. How Much Does It Cost?

The beverage (600 ml) is available at most convenience stores and retails at a suggested price of ¥124 before tax.


4. How Many Calories Does It Contain?

A bottle of the drink contains 60 calories and is said to be caffeine and fat-free.

Credit: Sora News 24

5.  Can I Get It in Singapore?

Sadly, the drink is only available in Japan (for now), but we are hopeful that it will reach our shores soon. We recommend purchasing the drink via Airfrov for those who are eager to try it.

Credit: Screenshot from Youtube

Before we forget, Asahi states that the drink has an added benefit of being useful in the Japanese workplace. Since the drink is colourless, it supposedly allows the employees to appear “more professional”.