#FoodJenga is the Latest IG Trend that You Need to Try!


Growing up, we might get countless “do not play with your food” warnings from our mum, but clearly, some of us have turned a deaf ear to the pleas. And that’s probably why it led to the birth of the bizarre new trend- #FoodJenga.

Credit: Instagram/nosti_gram

The #FoodJenga trend is nothing novel, yet it has been garnering a lot of attention for the last few days. Similar to other online trends, it’s unclear as to how, exactly, it started. As the name suggests, #FoodJenga follows the rule of the game- Jenga (3 bricks across and 3 bricks up); you get to stack as much food as you can and then take turns to pull out a piece and place it on top until the food tower collapses.

Credit: Gifs Gallery

Many adventurous Instagrammers have done a fantastic job stacking cookies, chips, greens and other delicious food. Even though they might appear like a work of art, surely each “artist” had no qualms devouring their masterpiece. Here are some of our favourite “towers”:

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Credit: Instagram/paulytang55

Credit: Instagram/ chef_sam_jones

Credit: Instagram/ howtokim

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Credit: Instagram/gabe_spiegel

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