How to Upgrade Your Michelin Nakiryu Dandan Cup Noodles to a Healthier Level?


Over the span of 2 years, our team sure have heard enough negative stuff regarding the instant noodles from our lovely annoying nutritionist colleagues. Though we agree that it isn’t exactly the healthiest thing to put into our body system, yet nothing is going to stand between our noodles and us, especially when it comes to the Michelin stared Nakiryu Dandan Cup Noodles.

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In case you didn’t know, the Michelin starred cup noodles was released in Japan early this year. It has not only captured the hearts of our Japan counterparts, but also the souls of many our fellow men (just look at the requests on Aifrov). 


Here how you should “zhng” your Michelin noodles, and shut the naysayers up.


Top Up with Colours

Since noodles are low in fibre, it’s wise to enhance the fibre quantity by adding some vegetables. And yes, things don’t have to be all “boring green”, try beautifying your noodles with different colours of vegetables. Some good examples include corn kernels, baby carrot, beansprouts, and cherry tomatoes. By consuming a rainbow of vegetables, you’re actually getting different nutrients. 

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Frozen vegetables work great too if you’re lazy to wash the fresh ones. Just remember to thaw them before adding it to your bowl of goodness.

Add Some Protein

Turn your noodles into a more nutritionally balanced meal by adding some protein. One of our team favourite protein add on is certainly chicken breast. Do note that processed products such as crabmeat, fishcake, fish ball, and meatball are high in sodium, and we don’t recommend adding them. We suggest picking the fresh meat over their processed counterparts.

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For the omnivores, you can go for tofu, or legumes instead.

Go ½

Fret not, we’re not telling you to share your noodles. Here, we are referring to replacing half the "special oil" (aka seasonings oil) with herbs and spices of your choice. A lot of unhealthy stuff can be found in the seasoning, by substituting half of them, you can still get your yummy soup but at half of the unhealthy additives.

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