The App You Need to Help You Save More Every Day


Picture this scenario: You purchased a product at store X, only to see that it is retailing at a lower price in store Y. Angry much? 

If this happens to you all the time, you will be happy to know that there is now an app that let you compare prices across retailers, and you will always be in the know of the best shopping deals of the moment.
Singaporeans can now enjoy savings and get more value for their money with a one-stop app presenting discounts and promotions available at leading retailers. Looking for deals is now an easy task without the need to constantly flip through newspapers or checking out individual merchant's website. To save time for busy urbanites like all of us, getMore eliminates this tedious search process by consolidating all promotions in town into a single app.

1. Easily check the best offers of the week 

The Weekly Promotions in the app collates all promotions offered by leading retailers including FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant and Sheng Shiong and is updated every week. Additionally, a Price Comparison feature is available for products that are on offer at two or more retailers. This means that shoppers can directly head to the store where they can get the most savings instead of visiting two different stores to compare price.

2. Receive immediate alerts when your favourite items are on offer

Users will never have to miss another promotion they covet by selecting their Favourite Stores and Favourite Items; a push notification will be sent to the user whenever promotions for these items are available at the stores, helping them to shop and save at the right time.

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3. Never miss out an item on to-buy list

Often, shoppers may forget an item or two when shopping and is a waste of time should they have to head back to the store to purchase them. getMore's Shopping List aims to prevent this; when users wish to purchase an item they see in the app that's on offer, they can easily add it to their in-app Shopping List so that they do not miss it out.

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This Chinese New Year, win your desired groceries for your reunion dinner when you suggest a simple dish that makes use of 5 ingredients (excluding sauces and condiments) using getMore app. Details are in the Facebook post below.

getMore is now available for download on Google Play and App Store.
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