The Kind of CNY Goodies to Serve Your Health Conscious Relatives


So you are probably here because you're searching for CNY snacks to serve your relatives who are into their health. Well, whether they are trying to healthify their diet, or follow a healthy lifestyle, it may appear impossible to look for the right kind of goodies, isn't it? Fret not and grumble no more, we have looked around and found some yummy, affordable, and of course, healthy goodies that you can serve them this festive period.

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Cakes from Bud of Joy

If you wonder where to get CNY goodies for your relatives who are ardent fans of all organic kinds of stuff, then Bud of Joy is certainly your saviour. Imagine fluffy cakes that come in flavours like walnut, orange, butter, pandan and pumpkin seeds that are all baked with organic and whole-grain ingredients. We’re sure your organic loving relatives will be more than satisfied. 

working with grace
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Prices range between SGD 14.00 to 89.00.
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Cookies from Cedele

Cedele is certainly a familiar name that rings in our minds when speaking about places to get our CNY treats. With its commitment to using the finest ingredients, organic unrefined sugar, no trans-fat and artificial ingredients, you can be sure of the quality of the goodies. Be adventurous and pick some interesting flavours like the Lemongrass Pistachio Cookies, Almond Ikan Bilis Cookies or Earl Grey Tea Cookies for your relatives.

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Prices range between SGD 19.80 to 22.80.
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Nian Gao from Tung Lok

You might think we’re kidding since there seems to be nothing healthy about the Tung Lok Nian Gao that is always present during the festive season. However, it’s, in fact, the first nian gao in Singapore to be recognised by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) for its lower sugar content and as a source of dietary fibre. Coming in 4 great flavours: traditional, pandan, black sesame, and red dates, now that’s’ really something for your relatives to enjoy to their hearts’ content.

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Prices range between SGD 23.55 to 29.95.
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Pineapple Tarts & Love Letters from Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes

It does seem like all the sinful festive snacks that we’re familiar with had undergone a “healthify-baptism” in this “Healthier Choice Bakery” (certified by HPB). Here, you can find low sugar, diabetic-friendly, dairy-free and even eggless version of the all-time-CNY-favourites like pineapple tarts and love letters. If your finances allow, you can even go for the healthy versions of white almond cookies or green pea cookies.

Credit: Delcie's Desserts and Cakes Facebook

Prices range between SGD28.80 to 32.80.
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Soy Desserts from Unicurd Isojoy

Aside from tofu, Unicurd also tries to satisfy our sweet tooth with its “healthier choice symbol” (lower in sugar and saturated fat) soy desserts. Coming in 4 refreshing flavours- original, mango, almond and green tea, these desserts can be eaten straight from the pack, or microwave to warm.

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The product retails at SGD 0.90 for a pack.


The Fortune Corgi Box from Boxgreen

Yes, we know how adorable the fortune corgi box is, and it’s even better when healthy snacks made with wholesome ingredients (no artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners) are packed in the box. For a price of SGD 88, you get 4 different festive snacks, including purple yam chia cookies (yay antioxidants), ginger beetroot snaps, natural sambal kacang mix and coco pineapple cluster. In case you didn’t know, these snacks are reviewed by a nutritionist with careful labels!

Credit: Boxgreen

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Well if you have difficulty finding the goodies in this article, don’t worry. Here are some practical tips to follow when you go on a healthier food hunt.
Compare similar products (like-for-like)
For instance do not compare canned pineapple and pineapple juice, though both of them use pineapple as one of their ingredients.
Compare the same nutrients
For instance, compare the fat content in one brand of pineapple tarts to that in another brand.
Compare the same portion
Serving sizes recommended by manufacturers may vary, thus we suggest comparing the nutrient values listed under the “per 100g” category in the Nutrition Information Panel.