Tiger Street Festival Returns with 3 New & Innovative Hawker Stalls!


This June, the Tiger Street Food returns with 3 new hawker stalls to bring an even wider range of hawker food to satisfy our palates. Read on and find out what these new stalls have to offer.

Credit: oo-foodielicious

Hakka Tofu Bowls by Ah Lock Tofu

The Hakka Tofu Bowl might appear dull, but hey it’s certainly not a “plain jane”. The dish is the brainchild of Mr Lee Lock Teng and is a fusion of his grandma’s decades-old Hakka yong tau foo recipe, Hakka thunder tea rice and the Japanese donburi. In his creation, minced pork belly is stuffed in the tofu and taupok, then fried and served with Japanese short –grain rice. Sweetleaf and long beans (2 of the 7 vegetables in thunder tea) along with soybean sauce were then topped on the warm rice to complete the dish.

Credit: Yishun Park Hawker Centre

Hor Fun by Tang Kay Kee Fish Head Bee Hoon

Since 1964, the humble stall has been making waves amongst the patrons of Hong Lim Food Centre with its delicious zi char dishes. Despite that, the stall owners did not rest on their laurels, and went ahead to give the classic hor fun an innovative spin!   If you’re expecting to see the usual liver slices and prawns, then sorry! Instead, you will get a bowl of piping hot hor fun topped with stir-fried pork slices, fish slices, battered enoki and perfect sous-vide egg cooked to 63 degrees. Don’t say we did not warn you; the enoki is highly addictive! 

Credit: Tang Kay Kee's Facebook

Braised Duck Bento by Jin Ji Teochew Braised Duck & Kway Teow

You might hear of chicken rice balls and probably eaten it, but how about duck rice balls? After serving the classic Teochew braised duck for over 30 years, the stall decided to give the dish a facelift by coming up with the Duck Rice Bento. We say the bento is not only a feast to our eyes but our camera too with its beautiful presentation of yam rice balls (separated by braised radish slices), tender braised duck meat, offals, pickled vegetables and runny lava eggs. Gosh, we’re already salivating while typing this. 

Credit: Little Miss Tam Chiak
Other participating stalls include: 
1. Ah Tan Wings
2. Forum Hainanese Congee
3. Yam Mee Teochew Fishball
4. Thong Sum Hot & Cold Desserts
5. Famous Eunos Bak Chor Mee
6. Botak Delicacy
7. Tasty Street- Our Little Red Dot
8. Jia Le Yong Tau Foo
9. K.R Banana Leaf Masala Chicken Nasi Lemak
10. Fishboss
11. Prawn Village
12. Snuggrobs 
It’s time to uncage the street food! All the food will be served in $2 portions.
Tiger Street Food Festival
8 June 2018 (Friday)
5pm – 10pm
Prices: Free Admission 
Open Field @ Tan Quee Lan Street