How To Love Yourself


If you have trouble remembering the last time you felt good about yourself or sometimes wonder what people see in you even perhaps why your friends bother with you and more importantly, why your partner loves you, it could be the case of low-self esteem.

It’s an issue that’s more common than we realise and with most cases, the cause and solution remains elusive or so we think. With a few lifestyle and mindset changes, you can be as confident as you want in no time.

Compartmentalize Personal and Professional
Focus on job issues at hand in the workplace and leave your personal issues at home. After work and out of the office, don’t dwell on irking work matters for example; the rude customers you had to deal with or even an arrogant boss you had to put up with.
Being around other people who value your company and enjoy spending time with you can boost self-confidence ten fold. It’s easy to hide away refusing friends’ invites when you’ve lost your confidence but mustering courage to go for that one lunch date with a friend can help you regain what is lost. Socialising is an important element in improving self-esteem.
Do Something You Know You Can Do
Focus on the things you are good at. If it’s tennis, book yourself in for a game and if organising is your forte, put yourself to work with some good old spring cleaning or a house clear out. The point is to enjoy what you’re doing and by doing things you’re good at, it reinforces a positive feeling and attitude about yourself. Refrain from activities you’re not so apt at unless completely necessary and try not to set yourself up for failure. Soon, you will feel the confidence returning.
Be Kind to Others
Be nice to people. Pay a compliment to a friend, be there for someone close who needs a little support and help a stranger on the street who look like they might need one. Being kind will help elevate your sense of self-worth and make you a happier person for doing a good deed or just being a good friend not only helps them but yourself as well.
Stop comparing your life with others
The advent of social media has greatly affected our lives. People can now, at a click of a mouse, check up on their peers and gather information about them. It can be very unhealthy, as people tend to exaggerate even the positive truths about themselves on these sites causing others to feel jealous and insecure. We lead our own lives and everybody goes through the highs and lows so comparison should be avoided.
Give yourself a goal each month
Set monthly goals and work towards them as it will give you focus and the more you accomplished the more confidence you will gain. Studies have even shown that people with clear goals are far more successful in life compared to those without.
Exercise and eat well
Engaging in physical related activities such as exercise releases endorphins, which have been proven to improve a person’s mood and eating healthy, has been shown to beat depression. A healthy lifestyle incorporating both elements can significantly improve self-esteem and boost self-confidence.
Take it slow
Boosting self-confidence and self-esteem is not an overnight miracle. It takes self-discipline and constant self-reminders to keep your chin up and know that you are as worthy the next person. So set the monthly goals, accept that invitation to socialise and incorporate all the tips mentioned. Soon enough you will feel motivated and more positive. The transformation and change has to start with you and when you start believing, a change is going to come.

This post comes from Sophie Webb who is a lifestyle blogger at The Mirror. She loves writing about health and positivity and is a big fan of horoscopes!