4 Reasons Why You Should Never Date a Korean


Korean men. They’re in trend right now. From Korean drama heartthrobs to fashion icons to Kpop idol. If you’re curious and want to start dating a Korean, you might want to think twice. Although these are generalizations and stereotypes and they may not be applicable to your Korean man, here are 4 reasons why you might not enjoy dating a hot Korean man after all.


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엄마 Omma


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While it’s sweet and endearing that Korean men are so loyal and dedicated to their mothers, his omma can also be negative when dating a Korean man. Korean mothers have high expectations and a strong hold on their sons. Good luck to you.


Party Boy

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Koreans love to party. Don’t be surprised if he can still party hard every Friday and weekend night of the week even after working 60 hour weeks. You’ll need to keep up or be left at home thinking about him and around all the party girls who all have eyes for this exotic Korean dude.


Cheesy drama

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Nope, Korean dramas are not just for women. Korean men are into it too. The cheesier the plot the better. After months of pretending to be interested in a long-running family love drama type soap opera, you’ll wonder if you’ll ever get a chance to watch regular people tv again!


Inferiority complex


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And I mean yours. Not his. Korean men are confident and quite metrosexual so they do indulge in their looks. There’s also no denying that there’s a certain cookie cutter standard when it comes to Korean beauty. Women in Korea spend more on cosmetics and cosmetic surgery compared to any other country in Asia. And then… there’s you.