5 Things You Must Not Do in the Bedroom


When you reach a comfortable level with your partner, you no longer hold on to your inhibitions. You may stop caring about looking your absolute best, you may even start farting in bed but there are certain things a woman (or man) should never do in the bedroom.

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5. Pressure

Maybe you want to try a new position or a new adult toy or whatever. You should express your desire to your partner but be prepared that he might decline. If that happens, don’t sulk or try to emotionally manipulate your partner into doing whatever it is you want to do. Not only is it extremely annoying, but it will also make him feel like his preferences are not valid.


4. Vocalising Fantasies of other people

If your mind wanders during intimate times with your man, you do not need to share these thoughts with him. He does not need to know which celeb you are fantasizing about while you are in the bedroom with him. It is best you keep it to yourself.


3. Get Rough

The bedroom is no place for aggression. Everything that happens in a couple's bedroom should always be consensual. If your partner seems hesitant, slow down, communicate, make sure you’re on the same page. Don’t scratch his back till he bleeds while he’s making love to you... Unless he says that is what turns him on.


2. Compare

It is very rude and insensitive to compare your partner with an ex. Under no circumstance should you say things like, "Oh, I prefer when [insert ex's name] did this like that." Guide your partner without comparing him to someone else, especially if that someone is an ex-boyfriend of yours!


1. Go to Bed Angry

We've heard this one before, and it is true. Couples should never go to bed angry. You should always hash it out and reach some sort of truce before you retire for the night. Not only is going to bed angry unhealthy for your relationship but trying to sleep with an unresolved issue it may difficult!