5 Ways to Tell He Actually Loves You


Are you waiting and wondering if this new guy you’re dating is serious about you and actually loves you or what? Well, between men and women, men are less forthcoming when it comes to uttering those 3 magical words, I love you. Especially in this day and age where we are warned against revealing our special feelings in a new relationship too soon. There’s that... and also, some men just can’t say it! *rolls eyes*


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Here are 5 ways to tell that he’s actually fallen in love with you, way before he even musters the courage to tell you so.


1. He doesn’t like hearing about you and other guys.

Sure, no man you’re dating wants to know that he’s one of many. But a guy who has fallen for you will feel a sort of pain whenever you mention about an ex-boyfriend whom you regret losing, or if you talk about a cute neighbour you bumped into.


2. He doesn’t date around

If you find that he has no interest in playing the field... perhaps he’s removed his Tinder profile, or has made himself seem less available on Facebook. What he’s saying is, he believes he has found the one and wants to focus his efforts on this relationship.


3. You are a priority


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Sure, he’s busy with work, family, friends etc... we all are! But you feel, know and see that he’s put you high on his list of priorities. He doesn’t cut short a date with you so he can go drinking with the boys. You feel important in his life.


4. You are in his future 

Whenever he talks about the future, it could be some time as close as holiday plans the following month, or as distant as where he might want to live 5 years from now. He includes you in those plans.


5. He wants to care for you

He jumps at the chance to help you out, to be your knight in shining armour. It could be giving you a lift to work one morning when you’re running late, or helping you assemble some new IKEA furniture. He loves that you come to him for help.


So ladies, if you see these signs in your new relationship, I would dare say it’s a safe bet to go ahead and utter those 3 words to him first. I’m sure those feelings will be reciprocated. Good luck!