All I Know About the Penis… Part 1


Let's get down to business. "It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean..." Is it really? Or did some micro-penis guy make that up?


Credit: Medical Daily

So Holly, Does Size REALLY Matter?

Contrary to popular belief, that bigger is better, sex with a very well-endowed man can be challenging and downright painful. But sex with a penis that is small (I'd say... anything under 3.5 or 4 inches) can be mentally and physically unsatisfying... even if he can grind like Enrique Iglesias (who incidentally actually has a small cock).

The vagina is extremely accommodating. It can hold in a tampon or it can stretch (rather painfully) to deliver a whole baby.

I do agree though that it's not so much the length but the girth of the penis that matters. The average length is 3.5 inches flaccid, and about 5.5 inches erect. Average circumference of an erect penis is between 4.4 and 5.2 inches.


Credit: Medical Daily


The best selling vibrators are at a 5-inch girth (why? Probably because that feels the best for most women). Though I don't think a woman would consider a partner with a 6-inch girth a total let down!


Let’s Consider Evolution and Selection

Logically, we are all products of natural selection. 

Our fathers, and our father's fathers... and our father's father's fathers (you get the picture here?) were all SELECTED by the women of their time.

If a man had too small a penis, presumably women would have left and found someone else. I'm no scientist, but I believe you are the product of past desirables, which would include your penis size.

[I have a valid point to make… stay with me on this...]

So if the common range of penis sizes now is between 5 and 7 inches, then that indicates that women have been selecting that size on average for thousands of years. If the ONLY thing that mattered was a big cock, then presumably all males would now be very large (8 inches and up?) since past women would have selected only the biggest sized of penises.


Big socks = Big cocks?

Don't bet on it. There is no truth in this! I have had boyfriends in the past with HUGE hands or feet and their penises were smaller than the boyfriend with smaller hands and feet than them. Though in general, if you're a rather small sized guy, other things will be in proportion. Just like if you see a petite girl with huge tits, they're more likely to be fake. Big or small, people are roughly proportional... It's nature's way of saying - "Hey... I'm in control here... I have blueprints, believe it or not."


Were we made to fit?

Yes, I really do think so. Statistically, for every Airbus 380 penis, there is a similarly sized Super-Jumbo Hangar of a vagina. If there exists a Big Penis Gene... there will also be a Big Vagina gene. It’s plain logic.

So you got to find a fit you like... I guess. Though, honestly... I see the small piper planes and Super-Jumbo Hangars losing out in this whole deal.


Stay tuned for All I Know About the Penis… part 2