So, Is He Single?


Ladies, when you see an attractive man in public, is there a way to tell is he's available and might be interested in dating? Without having to awkwardly ask him if he’s single, here are some less invasive (and less risky) ways to finding out if a man is available.

Credit: Jonathon Aslay


1. Check his fingers

If the fourth finger on his left hand has a ring, it is likely a wedding. Abort mission! Do bear in mind though, that some men choose to wear their wedding rings on other fingers, or even on their right hand. If you see a wedding band type ring on any other finger, proceed with some caution. If all fingers are bare, you're in luck!


2. Test the water

Testing the water is a method of seeing what his reception might be like, without diving straight in. Strike a friendly conversation with him, casually ask what his significant other thinks of whatever you are speaking about. If it is Valentine's day or a public holiday, you could ask, "will you be taking your girlfriend anywhere special today?" You can pretty much gather from his answer whether or not he is attached. If he does not have a girlfriend, he will come right out and say so.


3. Stalk him

I don't mean physically stalk him... because that would be down right creepy. Make use of the internet to do the stalking, Check out his Facebook page, and the interactions he has on his wall. If he is attached, he will either state his unavailability in his profile, or you will be able to tell based on his recent holiday photos.


4. Ask him about his weekend

When you chat with him, be it on the spot, or later online, ask her how he spent his weekend. If he answers using a lot of "we"s instead of just "I", then he's been spending his weekend with someone special.


5. Ask his friend

Ask a mutual friend to find out for you, or ask his friend "So, is XYZ seeing anyone special?" It takes all the guesswork out and you'll get the answer instantly.


These are my simple ways of checking if a guy is single, without awkwardly having to ask him. Good luck!