The Foreplay Overhaul


If you’re going to follow through with just one new year’s resolution for 2018, at least make it one that you would be very very glad to keep. I’m suggesting a foreplay overhaul!


Credit: Pinterest

Foreplay is not just 2 minutes of making out before intercourse. True (and mind blowing) foreplay doesn’t have to be just physical, it is not routine, and it is not only for ladies. In 2018, free foreplay from its usual narrow definition. Consider it more as seduction; it can get a whole day or it can only take just that one fleeting look. Here are 5 examples of what foreplay can and should be:

1- Slowing down time, cultivating the senses & the setting the mood for sex.

2- Kissing every inch of her body.

3- Sharing a kinky secret over the dinner time.

4- Sending a text message at midday with clear instructions for that evening (e.g.… be home at 8, be showered and naked on bed and I’ll…)

5- Three words: Complete Body Massage.

So, make time for seduction. Even the smallest things can contribute to more engaging and intimate sex. Just because something takes a small amount of effort does not mean it is out of place in the bedroom. If seduction feels silly then it is possible because you are not doing it often enough. Seduction is ongoing. Firstly, you seduce in order to entice somebody into your bedroom; later you seduce to remind that person why she or he is there, and then you seduce to make them wish they didn’t have to leave… with nothing but your smell, your taste and the sensations lingering.