Valentine’s Menu to Boost his Sex Drive


Food! It can bring such joy, and it can alter your mood and your health too. Not sure what to have for your romantic dinner this Valentine’s Day? Here are 3 aphrodisiacs and libido boosting dishes to serve!

Credit: Elite Daily


Starter - Fresh Oysters

Credit: Vogue

Simply served with a side of lemon and Tabasco. The very shape, texture, taste and the manner in which you consume oysters is quite sexual and suggestive of Cunnilingus. Oysters have one of the highest concentrations of zinc, a mineral necessary for testosterone production and found in healthy semen. Previous research also finds that oysters contain two unusual amino acids—D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartate—that researchers from Barry University in Miami found increases sex hormones in rats. A healthy dose of vitamin B12 also enlarges blood vessels, which will keep him going stronger for longer.


Main - Clove Studded Roast Pork Loin with Asparagus

Credit: Iowa Girl Eats

You can also replace the pork with beef or chicken or lamb. Just get some meat on his plate! Eating meat, which is high in protein, stimulates the secretion of the hormone glucagon which contribute to raising testosterone levels. Testosterone, apart from facilitating an array of health benefits, is primarily responsible for sperm production and sex drive.

Go for lean cuts of pork, which are also high in zinc. Excess fat reduces testosterone production. Cloves are a sex superfood, which have been used to treat male sexual dysfunction in India for centuries. Cloves also get rid of bad breath, so it won’t hurt his kissing or oral skill either! Asparagus contains niacin, which is necessary for histamine production; histamine is necessary to orgasm as it allows blood vessels to dilate and makes the skin very sensitive to touch, resulting in a more pleasurable experience.


Dessert - Chocolate and Banana Trifle

Credit: Experimental Epicurean

Opt for dark chocolate because it contains phenylethylamine, a compound that upgrades endorphins in the body. Moreover, Dark chocolate is high in cell reinforcements and caffeine that can enhance blood stream and hop start the drive. bananas contain a compound known as bromelain that expands the drive furthermore counteracts weakness in men. Additionally, bananas are rich in folate that can build blood stream amid excitement. A rich folate count implies quicker recuperating time too!

Whether you’re a Nigella in the kitchen, or like me, you would rather just buy these dishes, either way works fine! So does a romantic restaurant setting or a private home setting. Enjoy these dishes and good luck for after!