Holly Jean's French Kissing Techniques Your Mother Would Frown Upon!




Before I share with you my favourite French Kissing Techniques... let me highlight what you should never do when French Kissing.

Don't Bite - Some people's lips and tongues are more sensitive than others. If you want to do a playful bite, you lightly grip their lip or tongue between you upper teeth and lower lip. You don't bite them using both your upper and lower teeth, ok!?


Don't Wear Dark Lipstick- Leaving red smears all over his face can be a mood killer. Plan ahead and wear a non-sticky lip gloss or flavored lip balm instead.

Don't Slobber- If you feel like things are getting too wet take a break and swallow.

Don't Smoke- Most non-smokers are grossed out by kissing a smoker. It's like licking an ashtray.


Don't Be A Helicopter- Moving your tongue around like rotorblades is not going to be appreciated. Keep it moving slow and soft.

Don't Get Nervous- This will make you stiff and unnatural. If you’re getting nervous, force yourself to relax and breathe. It’s only kissing after all, you're supposed to enjoy it!

Don't Forget To Breathe- Remember to breathe softly through your nose. Otherwise, you might have to dramatically pull away gasping for air. Not cool.


Ok... now that we got those bad habits out of the way... here are my French Kissing Techniques...

1. Start with a soft, closed mouth kiss

When you go in for the kiss, keep your lips closed and relaxed. Hopefully he’s a decent kisser and won’t meet you with his mouth wide open. It's not a great sight to see someone with their eyes shut and mouth open like a Grouper fish coming at you.

2. Open lips slightly

After the initial kiss, try parting your lips slightly. This is the initiation of french kissing. When both partners are kissing with their lips parted, slowly and softly use your tongue to lick his lips, and then venture it into his mouth.


3. Use your hands

Don’t just let your hands hang at your sides. Use them. Not to grope! But to caress. Touch his back or face.

4. Apply suction

Gently suck your partner’s tongue into your mouth. Suck lightly for just a few seconds and then give them back their tongue. This feels wonderful when done correctly.

5. The Moving Kiss

When you're comfortable with steps 1 to 4, you can attempt the moving kiss. This is a kiss that requires a lot of confidence and boldness. While kissing your partner, push them backwards into a wall or onto a sofa. Be sure to keep kissing while you are pushing them backward. When they're pressed against the wall or sofa, pin their writs to the wall or sofa while you continue kissing them. This will send his heart racing and blood pumping. It's a very passionate, dominating type of kiss that will not fail to excite him

The art of kissing isn't exactly rocket science but if you do it wrongly, it can really put a dampener on the relationship. Often times, partners won't even tell you that you're a bad kisser and they will just endure it. This is a shame because kissing should be a wonderful experience. But don't worry, with a little practice you’ll get good at it real quick.


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