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How to Shoot Nude Photography Tastefully


To me, a good nude photography and pornography is just a thin fine line away. Do it right and you will get a pretty decent nude series, otherwise, your photos will pretty well turn out to be the latter.


What exactly does nude photography means?

Nude photography emphasises on the beauty of the naked female or male body. It usually focuses on the sexuality of the human form and it is not pornography and it is nothing too risque or explicit.

To be honest, I do take up nude photography too, and for myself, I see it as a form of art, and something as keepsake so that I can look back decades later and remember that I was once, (slim enough)! Hehehe! But of course, I do work with selective photographers whom I trust and am comfortable with.

Here are some of the little tips that I thought will be useful to those who are interested in the art.

Positive mindset

To me, having a positive mindset is the basic of all things towards nude photography. Having a positive mindset simply means being able to accept the fact that you are posing naked in the name of art. Once you achieve that, you will be less awkard, (at least for my case).

Finding the right photographer

Finding the right/suitable photographer is essential too. For those who are still new to this line, you might want to search around the internet to find a reputable photographer. Find someone who specialises in artistic nudes series, and request to view his portfolio if possible to have a better gauge of his usual working style.

Personally, I'd prefer working with someone whom I am comfortable with, and if possible, someone whom I have worked with before. At least I feel safe enough to entrust my photos with him, (that he will not leak out or trade/sell to others in the market) and be able to pose more comfortably, including complicated poses.

Communication with the photographer

Before the commencement of the shoot, it is better to communicate with the one who you are working with, lest to discuss your worries and issues if any, to prevent any misunderstandings. Always know what you are looking for before you start shooting. Suggest to your photographer on some of the ideas that you came across, and possible, some sample photos for reference too.

Wear loose clothing

I only got to know about this after arriving for my first artistic shoot and my then photographer requested me to take off my inner wear and change into loose clothing. Only after that then I realised that it is rather essential to wear something loose hours before the shoot to prevent those ugly bikini lines/pressure marks etc. This will not only ease the post-editing but also allows you to feel more comfortable before the shoot commences.

Room lighting

Choose a lighting that is warm instead of the usual harsh studio setup. Choose something more soothing to the eyes, for example warm whit. This not only makes the overall results better as softer curves lines and images are achieved, but also makes you feel less shy and tension.


For basic, I suggest some classic poses such as sitting, reclining, standing and even one of my favourite poses, fetal position. Start out with something really simple that you are comfortable with. In my own opinion, nude shots are not about the focal point, it should be about the emphasis on the curves and the overall of the model, and only taking some abstract parts of the body, for example like the lips, and the shape/outline of the breasts, and even the erected nipple(s).


I actually think that props do play a huge part in taking a tasteful nude shot. By saying props I do not mean those sexual vibrating toys. What I really mean are sheer curtains, thin long blanket, sofa bed to take side views of the model lying down, and even, ice cubes (my favorite props for taking abstract parts shots. Imagine the water from the ice dripping down and capturing the moment just before it lands on the body)


Although this is not necessary, but I think that having the right expression, even the eye contact with the camera plays a rather important part too. Nothing too over and exaggerating, otherwise I doubt the image will turn out to be classy.

At the end of the day, my suggestion for a nude shoot is that if you have already made up your mind to try/do it, then press on! Find a really good and reputable photographer and remember to sign a release form if necessary. Ask for a chaperon to come along if you are worried and when you are there, just enjoy the session but also protect yourself from potential danger while you are at it!

Till next time! *Kisses

** All images are credited to respective photographers.