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Well, just nice! I’m into my 28 weeks/ 7th month of pregnancy right now. I’m actually still trying to adapt to me becoming a mommy. Just about another 2 months plus and baby E will be out. My Edd is on September 16.

There’s so much to prepare and there’s so much I’ll have to learn. Up till now, I’ve not been to any baby fair or to anywhere to shop for baby’s stuff. There was one baby fair on 9-12 July, ah, I had no choice but to go for that because baby E will be arriving.

I think baby E’s grandparents are much more anxious of his arrival than his parents are. They’re actually doing shopping for baby E already. Some of you might know, new born grows very fast. & they’ve been telling me about not to buy any new born clothes, there will be people passing down the clothes to me. But they’re the ones buying them. LOL.

Some items are also being passed down. Like, brand new milk bottles, baby carrier, toys, baby cot, baby walker. I’m thankful that I’ve a nice neighbour as well. She’s being very nice, she even helped to collect some baby stuff from her friend as blessings to me! Hard to get good neighbour nowadays. Hehe. Now my room and house is in a mess, it was way messier than before. I’ve no where to put my baby E’s stuff. Waiting to shift to another bigger room. Haha.

I can't really remember or know what I should get for baby E actually. I only know I’ve to buy the bottle steriliser, diapers and breast pump, maybe some fm. I don’t want any engorgement. 

I’ve been blogging quite regularly and updating about baby E’s condition every month after I’m done with my routine check. In case you’ve missed the post, here’s something that I’m gonna share again.

& if you realised, I’ve gained a lot of weight. Like it’s 12kg now. I miss my pre pregnancy weight a lot ! btw, I was 44kg before that. Tsk. I started off with looking like this. This was taken when I was about 3 months already I think.

& this was at 24 weeks/ 6th months

& now I look llike this, on the 7th month. The side and the front view.

My body gets heavier & my calves tell me that they’re unable to carry my weight if I continue getting heavier. I can't walk long distance anymore. & I get breathless very easily. I sound like an aunty. But hey, I’m carrying one in me! The size of a cabbage now, it’s gonna weigh more than a kg by now.

& this is baby E 10 weeks ago, which is about 18 weeks. My first ultra scan at KKH. Still clueless about his gender because he didn’t want to show it to us.

& this was during my detail scan on about 20 weeks. I’ve no idea what is he doing. But he’s facing down. That’s when I got to know his gender. Detail scan is a scan to make sure that babies are growing healthily and properly. Checking of their heartbeat and organs.

This selfie was during June’s check up. #sidefie hahaha

It’s amazing that my body is changing so much because of pregnancy, I’m happy that I’ve baby E coming soon. But feeling sad at the same time, cause I’m expanding. & STRETCH MARKS are scary. I swear. I’m gonna cry. I believe it’s going to be worth it.

Here’s a video of baby E dancing in my tummy ~