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What I Love and Hate About Chinese New Year


I love Chinese New Year because it makes my parents happy! They are happy when they get to meet their entire family. They do meet up with some of their siblings once in a while but seeing the entire family for a gathering is another thing. So when my parents are happy, so am I!

As much as I hate gatherings but I love the food cooked by my aunties. They are super great cooks and I am always well fed by them. Dealing with the weight gain is the aftermath. Thank god I am not a fan of CNY goodies so I am quite safe. My only favourite snack is the Fried Crabsticks!

Most of them keep a pet dog at home so it’s like a dog-visiting for me. I am a mega dog lover so I tend to spend more time with the dogs.

I HATE gatherings at my own house though. I hate those noisy cousins aged between 5-10 because they like to mess up my house and they cry/laugh SO LOUDLY. I know I shouldn’t be saying this but I can’t stand noise. I am an introvert inside so I need peace at home. I can even lock myself in my house for a week if I need to.

I know you may wonder – But you attend a lot of events and you need to talk to different people don’t you?

Yup yup, but I usually stick and talk to people whom I am closer with. People who do not know me will find me not sociable and I am perfectly fine with that. People, who judge, will judge. Lol.

Last but not least, I love the shopping part. It is always a good excuse to shop for EXTRA new shoes, new clothes and new bags! I cap the EXTRA because I believe every girl feels the same as me – we are already shopping on normal days. Lol. However… on the contrary, I did not buy a single item for this year because I was overwhelmed with work, collaborations and events. I couldn’t afford the time to shop :(

In any case, how is your Chinese New Year celebration so far? Nothing fantastic on my end but nothing too boring either. I am just waiting for the weekends to come for another round of celebration.