5 Romantic Korean Marriage Proposals


Marriage proposals around the world are getting more elaborate and crazier with everyone trying to outdo each other. Korea is no different. Korean people naturally have a bit of dramatic flair, so see how these creative Korean boyfriends ask their girlfriends to be their wives!


Ever watch a Korean drama? Understand the lyrics to a Korean ballad? Then you know Koreans have an inclination for the dramatic. And what else could be more dramatic  than a marriage proposal? See what these Korean boyfriends will do to get their girls to be their lawfully wedded wives! 


Flashmob Proposal

This has been done before. But has it been done in Korea? Not likely.

A Magicians Proposal

Magicians always have an upper-hand on the rest of society, don’t they?


Movie Theater Proposal

Did she end up watching the movie?

Incheon Airport Mascots Proposal

Here’s a tip for you men out there: Disney + Shabby breakdancing + Incheon Airport = Marriage.
[Actual proposal starts at 1:40]

Elevator Proposal

Not too many guys have to sweat this much to get a ‘yes.’
[Actual proposal starts at 1:17] 



Although this isn’t a marriage proposal, here’s a bonus Korean high school boy asking out a girl. Brought to you by the romantic folks at febreeze.