Is this love? Be Careful With Your Vanity


You probably haven’t thought about this possibility, but the truth is that you may be wanted by many men or women, without being loved by them.

If you are attractive, intelligent, you have a great personality, money, beauty, etc., you may be desired by many people that belong to the opposite sex, but this doesn’t mean that they love you. This means that they want to posses you, without caring about the way you feel, your plans, ideals or preferences.

You will be able to verify if they really love you or not by examining their actions and their behavior.

Be very careful if you are very attractive, for one reason or another…

How can you verify if they are playing with you and they only want to fulfill their selfish desires, using you like a trophy that they exhibit to their environment, or using your intelligence and good disposition in order to make you work for them without being paid?

How can you be sure that you are not being used?

Pay attention to the way they behave with you.

If they make you suffer, without caring about the way you feel, but only about their desires, their plans and their ambitions, you’ll be easily able to understand that they don’t love you. They simply want you, for other reasons. Otherwise, they would never make you suffer in order to oblige you to follow their plans. They are already using you if they are making you suffer for any reason.

Be careful if you are too wanted by too many, and never be vain, because your position is very delicate. Vanity is pure stupidity, because if you are beautiful or very intelligent, this doesn’t mean that you are perfect as a human being or that your mental health is safe. On the contrary: you are the ideal victim for the wild anti-conscience, your primitive wild conscience that wants to destroy your human side through craziness and control your behavior, provoking schizophrenia, psychosis or neurosis.

Be very serious and carefully examine everyone that cares about you.

They only want your honey, like flies. They don’t care about your desires, your personality, your feelings, nothing…


They want to imprison you in a cage and be your owners, because you are very nice. You have to learn many things about the human psyche and human behavior if you want to be safe.

The scientific method of dream interpretation will not only show you everything you must learn, but will also transform you into a wise and self-confident person.

The dynamic method you have the privilege to have access to today is the result of a very long research that took 19 years to be completed, so that you could learn everything immediately, without doubts or any other delay.

I delayed as much as necessary, until I had all the answers, and this is why only now I present you my perfect method of dream translation, which will show you immediately and clearly how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, and this way receive the guidance of the wise unconscious mind that produces them.

All your dreams have a protective character, exactly because you inherited the absurd anti-conscience, your wild conscience, in the biggest part of your brain.

The person who will really love you will care first of all about making you happy!

Pay attention to all the details and examine everything very carefully before being a victim of your own vanity. Never believe that someone loves you, only because they felt attracted by your characteristics, your intelligence or your social position.

This article was contributed by Christina Sponias.