What Men Really Want - Sexually, That is


What do men really want when it comes to sex? We know for a fact that they want sex, that's the first thing and it's worth just touching on for a second. Why? Because most guys just aren't getting enough of it at home - and that's a fact.

So if you want to please your man and find out exactly what he really wants in bed sexually, then read on...

First and foremost (like I said above), he wants sex. Make that he 'wants' sex and he 'needs' sex. Men are really not that far removed from animals. He has urges and is animalistic. And when men aren't satisfied sexually you can normally tell he's being neglected. Even the mildest mannered type of guy can become unreasonable and downright unpleasant if he's being neglected sexually.

Unless you've just got together and you're still ripping each other's clothes off, a minimum of once a week - but preferably at least three times a week (the national average) should be what you're aiming for. If you're up past three times a week and you've been together a while, then 'Well Done You'!, for there aren't that many women who make the effort. Seriously.

It's the number one complaint from guys, they just don't get enough of 'it'. This is 'the' number one complaint from guys (who are married or in steady relationships) who are also in therapy.

Next, your man doesn't want to go to bed with a 'dead fish'. So put some effort in here girls. Can you imagine the other way round - you're raring to go and he's just laying there. And you're thinking, 'God, he doesn't even want to do this, he just wants me to get it over and done with'. How would you feel? This is absolutely horrible for a guy. And yet it happens so frequently it's difficult to comprehend. So 'make the effort'. And if you don't want to make any effort, what on earth are you doing there?

Variety - of course 'variety is the spice of life' and to do the same thing day in and day out is boring and tedious and just too depressing to even think about. So, you must (ideally both of you, but you on your own if you must) inject a bit of variety into your sex life. We all love the excitement of doing something new and different and it will really turn your guy on if you bring something new to the table, so to speak. It doesn't have to be extreme (like a threesome or extreme bondage) but you can easily spice things up with sexy lingerie, 'outfits', talking dirty and/or making out someplace else other than your bed.

Take the Initiative - Men absolutely love this one. And that's because for the vast majority of the time, 'they' have to make the first move when it comes to sex and making love with you. Why don't 'you' take the initiative for once and make a move on him - this will blow his mind and you'll love it yourself when you see just how much it turns him on.

Last but not least, if you really want to do him justice, then know for a fact what your guy wants (but may not have the balls to ask for) is oral stimulation from you. If you do this already, then good on you. If you don't, then I suggest you learn because it's the number one act enjoyed by men around the globe. It's that simple, this is what they want.

Get ready to give him the trip of a lifetime with the best oral sex he's ever had and ensure 'you' are his number one. You will blow him away and have him eating out of the palm of your hand. Learn from the best and do it right first time. Give him an explosion like he's never known and guaranteed, he won't be going anywhere...

This article was contributed by Jessica Goldwyn.