Resident Bloggers
Profession: Entrepreneur
Alethea is the director of by day,an avid whisky and spirits connoisseur by night. She writes about latest beauty trends, beautifully curated spaces and events. A finalist in Miss Earth Singapore, her journey as an entrepreneur as well as an eco-activist is documented in her blog.
Profession: Entrepreneur
Jessie is a young entrepreneur who is passionate about beauty. Her dream of having her own beauty & nail shop came to a realisation with the setting up of Beauty Recipe. She loves to write and she blogs about her likes and dislikes, hobbies, travels and events in her life.
Profession: Self-employed
Flipping magazines, shopping and eating are Mikko’s favourite past time and she loves to try anything new from beauty products to aesthetics. Her love for things Japanese made her pick up the language which comes in handy for her yearly trips to Japan. She truly enjoys the little luxuries in life.
Profession: Full-time Blogger
Ulzzang, Lifestyle blogger Miyake Ng is a model and blogger. Top blogger for MyFatPocket and known as an online celebrity- “I don't know what's so interesting about me but why don't you find out more on my blog?”
Profession: Full-time Blogger
Annyeong! My name is Trish and it rhymes with fish. Social networks and KPOP culture pretty much dominate 90% of my life. I will talk all day about kpop music, fashion, dramas and movies if given the chance and will probably make fun of your favorite biases. Later Kpoppers!
Profession: Secretary
Xiao J blogs about almost anything and everything. Her life, rants, food, fashion (and gossip of course!) form the basis of her blog. Beneath the outgoing demeanour lies a quiet person who shares about her life and experiences living in Cambodia.
Profession: Advertising Suit
Ju Ann loves writing. She believes that the most important part of looking & feeling beautiful is good health and great skin. She hopes to inspire her readers to live life with humour, spontaneity and positivity.
Profession: Creative Designer
Her obsession for fashion, beauty and all things celebrities are her source of inspirations and where her ideas run wild! Rita lives, eats, breathes fashion and she shares her indulgence with readers through her writings – “Fashion feeds me, it nourishes my inner being.”
Profession: Accountant
Cheat sheets on putting your best face (and body) forward is what you can expect in Valerie’s blog. After all, a pretty face never hurt anyone and faking it is part of the fun! Topics that covers fitness, lifestyle and more renders her blog an interesting read.
Profession: Admin & Accounts Exec
Vall has great passion for modeling but is now entering a new chapter in life. She believes in living life to the fullest! Join her as she progresses from a vain young freelance photoshoot & events talent to now building a family and entering parenthood with her beloved husband.
Profession: Stay at Home Mum
A new mother and beauty enthusiast who enjoys trying out new products. She can never turn down a new dress, shoes or cute accessories- “I blog about anything I fancy. Join me as I rant, whine, cry, laugh and rave about the little intricacies of my life.”
Profession: Student
Claire’s weight-loss achievement (shedding 40kg) has been an inspiration to many women. A beauty enthusiast with a sweet and bubbly personality to boot.
Profession: Lab Assistant
A chameleon of sort, Maybeline can be girly today and boyish the next day. As with most girls she likes pretty nails, make ups, clothes, movies, good foods and all sort of relaxing stuffs. A self-confessed HUGE fan of dogs, Maybeline indulges in all things that make her happy.
Profession: Entrepreneur, part time lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger
Sydney is an entrepreneur and has a love hate relationship with traveling. Often required to travel for work purposes, travel has become rather stressful for her. She de-stresses by heading to the pool or doing the Zumba.
Profession: Full-time Blogger
Xinyi love makeup, dressing up and a cup of aromatic coffee on a bright cheery morning. Her loves include family and friends. She believes in not the destination but the presence of who we are with that matters. Xinyi shares captured moments, beauty and fashion finds on her blog.
Profession: Cosmetic Chemist
Currently an undergraduate in NTU, Yingjie juggles between school and blogging. A self-confessed lazy (at times) vainpot, she writes about beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle and random things in her life and considers her blog her bestfriend.
Profession: Marcomm Executive
Herine is a qualified beauty therapist and has been in the beauty industry since 2007. While the blog covers anything from beauty to lifestyle, her Instagram (@Herine_Ang) is where she uploads all her eats and life!
Profession: Performer
A beauty and lifestyle blogger who has been writing since 2009 on her personal blog ( Aside from her ravings, topics include new beauty gadgets and products as well. She is a blogger who puts in 100% into her craft and continues to do so.
Profession: Student
Theresa cherishes her family and friends and she admits she loves getting attention.. Her interests include singing and reading, she writes about her life experiences, events and beauty related topics as well.
Guest Bloggers
Profession: Actress & Model
A multi talented individual and a model, blogger and mediacorp actress, at present. Have deep passion for learning and exploring unchartered territories and leading a perpetually carefree life!
Profession: Student
Nicole is an energetic sometimes boisterous girl who calls herself a hopeless romantic, alexithymia or not.
Profession: Administration/Student
Life is about experiences and Jerlinda’s blog features events that has taken place in her life. Like a diary of sorts, she shares each moment be it of Family or Friends with the readers. People and life change but memories remain to be reminisced and reflected.
Profession: Editor & Marketing Manager
Being big on self-grooming and self-improvement, Rachel Ooi endeavors to share her journey with other ladies through her passion for writing. So join her on an adventure that is life. You're promised a rollickin' good time!
Profession: Model, Actres , Blogger & Pageant Queen
A Pageant Queen, Model, Actress, Blogger and student, some might wonder how Luisa juggles it all. Follow her journey living life to the fullest and staying true to herself.
Profession: Student, Model
Samantha has a deep passion in dance and music. We have to dare to be ourselves however frightening or strange it may seem to be, read more to find out ;)
Profession: Stay at Home Mum
Maine is a petite lady, but don't be fooled by her size because this chilli padi can be fiesty! This young mummy blogger loves everything about motherhood without neglecting herself. She loves to try out new beauty products, and getting her hands on the latest fashion styles.
Profession: Insurance/Fashion Designer
Runner up for Miss Scuba 2013, Stephanie’s fashion style is rock meets chic. With a love for killer sky scraping heels, red lipsticks and leather jackets, don’t be fooled by her fashion sense! Stephanie, or Stephy as she is known as, is as cool as ice.
Profession: Manager in a local bank
A very independent girl who loves to eat, travel and shop. I'm your girl next door who blogs about product reviews and other interesting happenings in my life. See you at my blog :)