10 Signs You're In A Good Relationship


Nothing and no one is perfect. Women often pick at flaws and overlook the signs that they're in a great relationship. Sometimes, we need to sit back, appreciate what we have and count each and every little blessing. Here are the often overlooked signs of a great relationship...

1. You are compatible lovers. Although it may not have come naturally the very first time you got together, you are now well attuned to each other's needs in the bedroom.

2. You want to see each other. You are comfortable with spending time apart from each other but you both really look forward to your time together. Your interest in him extends outside of the bedroom. It's not just sex.

3. The both of you are thinking about the future of your relationship. Making plans together is a good sign that the relationship is going well and moving forward.

4. You have inside jokes that only you both share as a couple. This shows you are on the same wavelength and have an exclusive bond. Having a laugh is a great way to make you feel good about each other.

5. He is a shoulder you can cry on, and he is not afraid to show you his vulnerabilities and share his worries with you either. You have empathy for each other and understand what you are going through.

6. You are comfortable enough to burp or fart in front of him because you know it won't make him love you any less. You find it endearing when he is being himself too. 

7. He is the first person you call to share good news with. And he cannot wait to cheer you up with his good news either. You are each others's priority in life. 

8. You are both generous and giving - you want to give all you can to your partner. It may not be in the form of lavish gifts, but you will see it in the little things, like when he gets you your favourite snacks when he's out grocery shopping.

9. You feel safe and secure with him. You don't feel suspicious or afraid. Trust is essential. If trust is broken, your heart is broken.

10. Life is not dramatic. Don't mistaken this for being in a rut, a relationship where you're not arguing and fighting all the time but can co-exist peacefully is actually a great one.