Ah Girl, When are you Getting Married?!


Ah... Chinese New Year is coming up again... and although I don't celebrate it, most of my single friends have told me that they dread it when nosey relatives start asking them when they are getting married?! And do you notice that they always tend to ask the girls this rather than the guys?! Like how are we supposed to know, we are not proposing!

I've faced this question for years... people first ask me my age then the following question is whether I am married or not. And you should see their faces when I tell them I am single! It's a mixture of pity plus discomfort with my 'situation'. Some people who are married, or have daughters who are already married, even have a smug look about them when I tell them I am single.

Hello, auntie! Wipe that look off your face! Being single is not a bad thing! 

So here's my top ten answers you can give people the next time they ask you when you're getting married! Memorise your favourite one so you will never be taken off guard. :)

10. Respond with, "Soon." And then without skipping a beat, ask the most inappropriate question, "When will you lose that extra weight?"

9. Say, " Oh, I'd rather be happy than married."

8. Whether you have a BF or not, just pick a random date and confidently say - "September 21st". Of course, don't mention any year. Smile and relish the confused look on their faces.

7. If your BF is there, then point to your BF and say, "Why dont you ask him, because I want to know too! Hahaha" *seriously forced laughter*.

6. Look at them with an absolute poker face and say,"Not today."

5. Ask them, "How much are you contributing to the wedding, since you're so interested?" 

4. Counter with the statistic that people who get married over 30 are half as likely to get divorced.

3. Look down at your feet, then say,"Ohhh... this is awkward. I already got married, but you weren't invited."

2. Tell them, " Marriage is stupid and kids are evil."

1. Get a crazy look in your eyes and scream, "Duck! Before I slap you!"

Like most women in their late 20s and early 30s, I've been asked this annoying question numerous times. As far as conversation topics go, it sucks, but just take it in your stride and laugh it off! One day, your time will come... cupid's just taking his time to make it perfect!

For those who recently got married,

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