Dare to be Single


When a singleton sees her peers getting a new boyfriend, getting engaged, or even married, it’s very normal to feel like she’s missing out. Many people find themselves hating being single. The reality is, being unhappy about your situation isn’t going to be helpful. Just live and enjoy this phase of life, because it might not last forever. Here are 10 advantages of living it up solo.

1. Your ex BFs

Think back to all your past relationships. Do you remember the fights, the lies, the nights you spent crying? Was that seriously your idea of ‘happiness’?

2. Other Men

There are so many possibilities for romance. And you can have as much fun as you want with all your guy friends without being worried of anyone getting jealous. Enjoy basking in the attention of other men because this is definitely one thing that has to be toned down or lost completely once you’re attached.

3. Freedom

You have complete freedom to do the things you want. Take that job offer in another country, take a few months off to travel or party like a single girl… because you can!

4. Attached girls envy you

Yes, they do. They envy your freedom to do what you want to do without having to consider someone else when making decisions.

5. Dating

Dating is fun and exciting. You get to eat at different restaurants, check out the latest movies or try new activities. Once you’re in a stable relationship, you’ll find that you and your partner get into a routine and stay there most of the time. Same places and faces.

6. Time

When you’re single you have time to focus on things that you want. Train for a marathon, advance in your career, spend your weekends at yoga retreats… you can indulge in your single pursuits, guilt free.

7. Possibilities

You haven’t settled for anyone yet. Your cards are open, and the game could go any way. Enjoy exploring the possibilities. One big regret for some people who rush into marriage is one day thinking, hmm… maybe I could have done better.

8. Sleep like a starfish

I think many married women will agree that while it’s nice to go to bed with the husband every night… some men snore, or kick, or yank your hair or pin you into a corner when sleeping. The best sleep I get is actually right after my husband gets out of bed to go to work. Haha

9. No drama

No matter how great a relationship is, there will always be issues and arguments. The only couples that don’t argue at all are those that have reached a stage of utter indifference. Relationships and drama go hand in hand.

10. A man can’t solve anything

Most of us grew up fantasizing about Prince Charming, that knight in shining armour who comes along to rescue us. Being in a relationship doesn’t magically make all your problems disappear… and in many cases, it can cause a whole lot more!

Yes, it can be depressing being asked time and time again about when you’re going to settle down and looking at all your friend’s cheesy couple photos on Facebook is definitely not fun… but don’t just dive into any relationship just because of all that. Wait for that right one to come along, and in the mean time, dare to be single.