Holly Jean's Top 10 #HeyItsOk Love Confessions


#HeyItsOk is a hashtag that’s trending on twitter, Pinterest and Instagram where people share things that we shouldn’t feel bad about.

So for today I thought I would share with you my top 10 #HeyItsOk confessions when it comes to love. I don’t feel bad about any of these things, so you probably shouldn’t either!

#HeyItsOk to get him to go down on you 

… and not return the favour. Guys do it all the time… enjoy getting a blowjob and then move straight to sex, or end the whole session altogether after he climaxes. If he does this to you a lot, then turn the tables and start being a little more selfish. Take what you can get during foreplay and then move straight to sex without a blowjob.

#HeyItsOk to lie about your past experiences

As much as men might appreciate a woman who knows what she’s doing in bed, they still don’t like the idea of her having had partners before him. Obviously, you have gotten better from experience, but he doesn’t have to know that. When he asks for your number, just say 2 or 3 or whatever you think he wants to hear. You’re just a natural under the sheets, baby!

#HeyItsOk to Queef

A queef is also known as a vart, meaning vaginal fart. Although potentially embarrassing, it’s actually perfectly ok. It’s not like you can control it (like you can hold in a normal fart). So just laugh it off, and enjoy those deep penetrative sex positions even if it pushes air in and makes you queef!

#HeyItsOk to not be able to deep throat

Each man is different, in terms of size, curvature and even the way he moves while receiving a blowjob will affect how deep you can go. Don't feel like you have to ram it in there. Deep throat will require patience and practice with your partner. 

#HeyItsOk to make him beg for it

Don’t be so easy. Anticipation is one of the sexiest things when it comes to great sex.Talk dirty to him, flirt and be suggestive all day. After you take the time to let it build up, the release is huge and sweet.

#HeyItsOk to have a crush

… even when you’re in a relationship. Maybe it’s the hot guy you see at the gym on Wednesdays, or a cute colleague in the next work cubicle… indulge in your fantasy by looking your best and bask in appreciation when they check you out. 

#HeyItsOk Google your dates

Almost everyone does it, though most don’t admit it. The internet is there for many reasons and it can help you make informed decisions about your date. Wouldn’t you want to know if he’s a serial model/stewardess dater? It can also help you  know more about him so you can bring up good conversational topics during your date.

#HeyItsOk to be jealous

Some people say that we get jealous because we are insecure. I think we get jealous because men make us so… with roving eyes, over friendliness to the cute waitress or other behaviours which are disrespectful to us as their partners. Don’t shame yourself for feeling jealous when your reasons for being jealous are perfectly understandable.

#HeyItsOk to want sex toys

They vibrate. Men don’t. No need to hide your rabbit, instead, show him how to use it on you the way you like it. Sex toys are just an added extra, like a bonus. 

#HeyItsOk to have period sex

Most girls get hornier around their periods. And most men aren’t typically as grossed out by it as you imagine. Lay a towel over the sheets. It’s not a big deal.