How to Ask a Man for Sex … like a Lady


A woman getting a man into bed is probably a thousand times easier than it is for a man to lure a woman into bed. But just because it’s easy doesn’t mean you should be blunt about it.

You see, for most men… if you overtly shove sex in their faces, you will be viewed as cheap, only one night stand material, and you may even put them off pursuing a relationship with you. So, you’ll get the sex if you just ask for it… but you will likely get nothing else after.

So here are some ways to ask a man for sex without coming across like you’d just sleep with any man. (And also, it’s a whole lot less embarrassing if you get rejected using these subtle ways instead of whipping your clothes off and pouncing on him).

Say, “I feel so comfortable around you”

These six little words are a signal that you’re starting to think about taking it to the next level. Good women (like yourself *ahem*) need to feel secure before they’re ready to hop into bed. If you slip in these words at the end of your next date, this will let him know that the time is right to start taking things into the bedroom.

Touch him more

At dinner, at the movies, or where ever… touch his arm when you say something to him, put your hand on his chest when you lean in to whisper something in his ear, let your leg brush against his. Physical acts of affection show him that you are attracted to him. And it’s a good tease to get his testosterone pumping.

Invite him to your place

You need to hang out with him where there is privacy. You can suggest cooking dinner or invite him up to your apartment for a drink and a chat after a good date. The comfortable and intimate setting of just being at home on the sofa is usually enough for him to get the courage to lay it on you.

 Show him some flesh

Text him pictures of a new dress you tried on, asking for his opinion. Then depending on his response, keep taking it a notch further on the naughty side by wearing sexier clothes with each picture. Then, leave him hanging. 

Be suggestive

Help build erotic anticipation by texting him something like - “Having a naughty thoughts about you right now”... or “had a naughty dream last night and you were in it!” These suggestive texts can work to build excitement for what’s to come.

Point to it

Ask for sex without verbalising it. When you are making out, the trick to letting him know you want it is to use your index finger to skim just under the rim of the waistband of his jeans (or boxers.. whichever you can get to) and rub back and forth teasingly under the elastic (not with pressure, gently). Let your fingernail graze lightly on the sensitive skin between his hip bones. This always works.

Good luck, have fun and be safe!