How To Make Your Man Jealous


A bit of jealousy in a relationship is good. It keeps people from getting too complacent or taking their partners for granted. Keep your man on his toes. There's no need to hurt him or take things too far, but sometimes a little harmless manipulation can tip the scales in your favour. Here are my top 10 ways to make your man jealous.

Revamp Your Image

Don't be so content in a relationship that you star looking like the maid. Get new clothes, a sassy haircut, get your legs waxed and nails manicured. Basically take some time to care for yourself and give yourself some attention. Your new look will remind him that you're attractive and a great catch.

Send Mystery Flowers

Does your man never send you flowers or make any romantic gestures? Then just send flowers to yourself. Don't put a card with it. When it arrives, look happy. Don’t ask him if he sent it. Just take them in, put them in a vase and act like it’s just another day. He'll be wondering who it's from and kicking himself for not being the guy who sent them to you.

Go Out With Your Girls

If your man is having the weekend away playing golf, then arrange for a weekend getaway with your girl friends. If he's constantly coming home late, don't sit at home and keep calling him to ask when he's coming back. Instead you should pop out to the nearby mall for supper and gossip with your friends.

Stay Up Later Than He Does

When he goes to bed, tell him that you'll be just a few minutes later because you have a few things to do on the computer. Not that he doesn't trust you, but any normal mind would start to get a little paranoid. And he'll start giving you more attention because he's worried.

Get Other Men To Help You

If your man no longer helps you out with things in the house because he's too busy with football or golf or friends, then get a good looking single male friend to help you. Call him over to fix the leaking tap in the kitchen or assemble that shelf you've been struggling to put up. Ensure he’s still around when your man gets home or better still, get him to stay for dinner (as a thank you). Soon, your own man will be looking around for things to fix up at home!

Laugh at Another Man's Jokes

Chat animatedly with his male friend when your man is around. Laugh at his jokes, and then tell your man later what a humorous guy his friend is or that he has a great personality.  Most men are incredibly competitive by nature, and if other guys seem to appear more appealing to you, he'll work harder to please you.

Join a Gym

Having a gym membership will not only motivate you to get in shape but it will also widen your social circle. Name drop a few male names, whenever you talk about your session at the gym.

Don't answer his calls

I don't mean that you should ignore him totally, just be less available. When he messages or rings you, don't jump at the phone that very split second. Let it ring, or wait 15 minutes before texting him back. Make him sweat a little. If you're always available for him, he will take you for granted.

Look at Eye Candy

When you pass a very good looking man on the street, don't be afraid to take a second look, or even point him out. "Woah, Honey, look at his biceps! Mad huge!"

Add Handsome Male Friends on Facebook

If you're on Facebook, add a few attractive men to your friends list. You don't have to talk to them or have anything to do with them, but merely seeing these new additions on your friends list will make him sit up and pay attention.

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