Lady Things We All Do – That Men Will Never Understand!


To conclude that women are mind-boggling creatures would be a fair statement to make as even in the best of times, we struggle to understand the behavioural patterns of fellow-females.

It’s therefore worth considering how difficult it can be for men to relate to us and here are a few daily women-things we do that cause confusion and frustration even, to the men in our lives.

Why Are There Hair Accessories Everywhere?

Women are constantly running around doing something, be it a task that needs to be done and of importance or otherwise. Women also play with their hair a lot – putting it up, pulling it down, tying, untying etc - and as such, subconsciously leave elastic bands and bobby pins everywhere.

Why Are You Eating My Chips?

“You said you didn’t want any, and now you’re just flagrantly picking them up off my plate. You’re even dipping them in my ketchup. You’ve actually eaten more of them than I have,” he said.

We, women, often beat ourselves up about the way we look. An easy way to control the nagging voices in our heads constantly reminding us to look better is by refusing to eat certain things especially junk food. The adage out of sight out of mind applies and in this situation it simply means, if the food in question isn’t in front of us neither is the temptation.  It takes a lot of self-discipline to refrain oneself from ordering, in this case, junk food but if it’s right there in front of us because you ordered it don’t blame us if you’ve only two fries left!

“Pfft!” we say.

Why Do You Get So Cranky When I Mention Your Menstrual Cycle?

Getting slightly crabby, losing control of emotions going from amorous to a slop bucket of tears at a snap of the fingers is draining and for it to happen like clockwork on a monthly basis can be taxing. We’re sensitive to say the least during this period, pun intended. So during this time of raging hormones instead of being pointed out for behaving like a hellcat the best thing for a man to do is run a big frothy tub, throw in a mattress-sized chocolate bar and leave us alone.

Or just listen to our ramblings and let us vent our frustrations even if they seem pointless.

What The Hell Is Going On In Your Handbag?!

Handbags play a pivotal role in a woman‘s everyday life. Sure the filing system in there is beyond a man’s comprehension but rest assured it exists. Being sentimental creatures you may find an ice-cream stick from the beach day out or ticket stubs from the movie night out in fact it is one of the exclusive places where a work diary could just be sitting next to a silent quiet vibrator

For all these treasures and whatnots, that is why women rarely ask men to dip their hands into it let alone retrieve something.

It’s probably safe to say that the female of the species is a complex and baffling creature.

Fellow women, do you agree with me?

Susannah Perez is a freelance writer for Adult Toys UK who always ends up spending far too long at supermarket checkouts because she can never find her purse in her handbag.