My Final Thoughts as a Single Girl - Miss Holly Jean Aroozoo


I'm getting married this Saturday!

I state for the record that being engaged is stressful. It's like living in the limbo land of wedding planning. I'm really looking forward to finally being married because to this day, any apprehension and uncertainties I had about the marriage has all been about the logistics of the wedding. I've always been sure of the man.

Someone asked me today if I've tried writing my name down with my fiance's surname yet, just to see how it looks. I haven't. In fact, it never struck me until today that I'm no longer going to be a single girl any more. It's goodbye to a huge phase of my life.

There are many things i will definitely miss about flying solo. I had a great single life! I think it was mostly because when it came to dating, I've always been two things.... optimistic and adventurous. I always picked myself up after a break up or bad date looking forward to something better. Some people said I was chasing an illusive dream, and that nothing (or no one) would ever be good enough (well, at least no one who would want to marry me).

I believe I was just living my life the only way I knew how to. Wanting my happily ever after. While I don't believe that marriage is necessary for everyone to have a happy ever after, I do believe that it is necessary for me. I've always known I wanted to get married when I found the one. married because I love him, quite simply.

Being single isn't all fun and games, and there's a lot of uncertainty and pressure involved when it comes to finding "The One", especially once a woman hits her 30s. Tick tock tick tock... all my girlfriends were getting married and having babies. But who can forget how fun it was to go out with your girls and not know who you'll meet that would take your breath away? Sure, being a newlywed is fabulous in its own right but there's just nothing like the giddy anticipation of a brand new relationship.

For all the single girls out there, don't dread being single. Wake up each day with the knowledge that your Mr Right might be just around that very corner. Explore and enjoy!

Now that I've found my happily ever after, I wonder what will replace the thrill of looking for "The One"?

Signing off for the last time a Miss,
Holly Jean. xx