10 Secrets Men Keep from You


Lip service. That's when men tell women what they want to hear. "No, honey, I wasn't checking her out. You're much better looking than her anyway." But in reality, there are many secrets men keep. They have somehow just figured out that the key to a better relationship is to lock their lips.

Secret 1: He looks at other women
All straight men will check out other women. However, I personally feel it's disrespectful for a man to do this while he's with his woman. I respect men who do not look at me when they are with their wives or girlfriends.

Secret 2: He doesn't like you earning more than him
  Earning money makes men feel important. It's a blow to their ego when the woman has more earning power.

Secret 3: He likes to masturbate
Women take offense when their partners pleasure themselves because it makes us feel inadequate. This is why most men keep this a secret from us.

Secret 4: He is terrified you'll become his mother
It's a fine line, they like to be mothered and be taken care of by you (pick up his socks, make the bed, etc) but he doesn't like to be completely babied (aka no nagging or telling him what he should do). Men! Freaking have your cake and eat it, why don't you?

Secret 5: His buddies are more fun than you

Time spent with buddies is a time of male bonding that is greatly needed, no matter how much he cares for you.

Secret 6: He loves you very much
Men may not say it as much as women do. But it's in his actions, the little things he does to make your life a better, more comfortable one. So instead of waiting for an undying declaration of love - look for those little gestures which show rather than tell you how he feels.

Secret 7: He wishes for his youth again
There's always that boy in every man... no matter what his age. They look back at their teenage years, or their 20s and reminisce about the days when life was good, fun and free of responsibility. His brain will omit the bad stuff of that period and remember only the good. Hence, he will always wish he was in that phase again.

Secret 8: He is insecure too
Men may never admit they're bothered by their receding hairline, growing beer belly, or the fact that they're hung like My Little Pony instead of a stallion.

Secret 9: He hangs with other women
If he's hanging with a female co-worker (or co-workers) for lunch every weekday at work. It is likely that he will leave out that bit of information and never bring it up. Men know that women tend to get irrationally jealous over such things ("What? You got no one else to eat with?! Let me start packing you lunches from now on so you can sit at your desk alone.").

Secret 10: He wants to be alone
Not all the time... but once in a while. Men don't bring this matter up because they think we'll get insulted. So instead, he finds ways to avoid you or tells little white lies so he can chill on his sofa and watch football alone some nights.