Top Places in Singapore to Play Pick Up with Your Man


You know how when you first met your man, your stomach fluttered and chemistry crackled? Well, if you're happily in love yet are missing that exciting rush of meeting someone new, fret not. You can get it with role play. Role playing a pick up scenario with your partner can put a spark back into your relationship. All you need to do is meet at a public place, and one of you will pick the other up (take turns!).

Here are my top 5 places in Singapore where you can play pick up with your man.

1. The Airplane

Meeting a handsome stranger in an airplane is exciting. Be honest... you have thought about it before, haven't you? When I was single, I would always hope the person sitting next to me on the plane would be a handsome stranger (I was always secretly disappointed whenever it turned out to be a woman.. lol!)

If you're going for a holiday soon, then make the airplane your pick up spot!! You each pack your bags and head to Changi Airport on your own and then finally meet in the airplane. What better way to pass the time on a long haul flight... than to pretend your man is someone you've never met before... chat him up... and then have a little hanky panky under the blankets when the light dim. You can even squeeze into the restroom and unleash your unbridled passion on him. Oh, and welcome to the mile high club!

2. Clarke Quay

Pick a bar... any bar. Attica, Le Noir, Pump Room, your choices are almost endless. Dress sexy (think sex on legs!). When you turn up, spot your man sitting at the bar but don't go to him straight away, instead head to the dance floor. Make periodical eye contact, give a cheeky smile, make him wait... make him want you. Play hard to get and even flirt a little with other men.

The best part about role playing is that anything can happen. That's why it's so exciting. Maybe he will not be able to resist any longer, and he will approach you. Perhaps he will end up being shy, and you might want to take the lead. Don't wear any underwear, and surprise your man with a quickie in the handicap toilet.

3. Equinox

If you are able to enjoy a splurge, book a room at Swissôtel The Stamford. Make dinner reservations for 2 at Equinox restaurant (which is on the top floor of the hotel). Turn up for dinner and role play a formal engagement. Perhaps he is your boss who is discussing business with you over dinner. Feel the tension build up during dinner as you both try to maintain proper decorum whilst anticipating the hot sex to follow.

You can turn up the heat during dinner by slipping your shoe off and then running your foot gently up his calf, along his thigh, and finally brushing against his crotch. Then later, he can suggestively invite you up to his room (which was booked already) for a last drink... but the minute you both enter that private space and shut the door behind you... you probably won't be able to contain your passion anymore!

The added bonus of this venue, apart from the posh dinner... is the gorgeous view when you have sex out on the balcony!

4. Sentosa

Enjoy the sun, sea and sand while flaunting it at the beach. When he starts chatting you up, ask him if he can help you to reapply some sunblock on your back. Enjoy his touch, as he glides his hands all over your back and shoulders. You will find yourself yearning for him to glide his hands down towards your bum and around to feel your boobs. But don't. Let the tension build. Trust me, delayed gratification is always best.

You have a few options when it comes to hooking up on Sentosa. You can find a private trail or a secluded area around the beach for a quick romp, you can pre-book a hotel room and then pretend you're both "breaking in' to have hot steamy sex, or you can even choose to do it at the back of his car!

5. Home

If you don't want to venture far (especially if this is your first time playing pick up), then do it right at his doorstep. Knock on his door pretending to be the next door neighbour who got caught in the rain (and your white t-shirt is all soaked) and you forgot your house keys.

Once he kindly invites you into the house, you can start flirting subtly with each other and keep building the tension. I suggest not wearing a bra, and teasing him with the slight translucence of your wet clothes. He can offer to make you a hot drink, while helping him prepare it in the kitchen, brush your breasts onto the side of his arm. Or perhaps he can mention that he hurt his back playing tennis that day and you can offer to give him a massage. So, that's him shirtless and lying on his bed face down, with you straddling him and giving him a massage. And then you apologetically say that you need to remove your wet clothes, so you tell him not to turn around while having the massage because you're now naked. You see?!!! The possibilities are endless... and oh so exciting!

The secret to playing pick up is allowing yourself to let go and be in the moment, to enjoy yourselves and not worry about appearing silly. This will lead to a passionate 're-encounter' with your lover... *snaps fingers* and then you're back in the room. You both have nothing to lose, so just give it a shot.

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