Video Interview with Sex Writer & Bride-to-Be, Holly Jean


Holly Jean Aroozoo, a name synonymous to sex and relationships to many, but a name that resonates bestfriend to me.

Few years ago, when we were chilling out, I asked her a random question. "What do you wanna be?" Many would say owning a company, being a successful writer or even world renowned blogger. Her answer was primal but yet, simple. "I want to be a wife and a mother."

As a career minded individual, I could not understand her answer. Doesn't the role of a woman constitute to the natural progression of life to being a wife and a mother, if God permits? Akin to a man progresses to being a husband and a father at a later age?

To Holly, getting a man is easy. Easy peasy. With such good looks and charming personality, it is of no wonder. "But to find the right one, now that is the difficult part."

Three years after the conversation and many broken hearts later, enter a Scottish man in his mid-forties, clad in a colourful striped Paul Smith shirt.

One year later, slightly six months after a bended knee, Holly Jean Aroozoo will no longer be a Miss Aroozoo.

This Saturday on 26th January 2013, after 230pm, she is officially Mrs Holly Jean Aroozoo-Clarke.

I will miss her as a Miss but I am more excited for her as a Missus.