Overcoming Hurdles

Don’t Ditch the Alcohol Yet


Another year, another set of New Year’s resolutions. Atop most of these lists is the annual vow to lose weight, which usually coincides with the immediate nixing of any and all booze. It’s just too caloric, right? And we know it’s hard to resist the booze. So, before you decide to go all cold turkey, don’t ditch the alcohol just yet! Pop open some bubbly champagne instead.

Credit: Champagne France

It turns out the champagne flute is more than beauty alone. The fluted glass (4 ounces), keeps your champagne serving smaller than most red or white wine goblets. Moreover, a glass of champagne (150 g) packs 97 calories, while the same serving of red wine delivers 102 calories. Like red wine, polyphenols are also found in champagne. Hence, champagne may be beneficial for improving cardiovascular health, and reducing the damage of free radicals.