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Bausch + Lomb Sets Sight on Beauty Segment with Launch of its First Cosmetic Lenses NATURELLE


Bausch + Lomb, the first company to launch soft contact lens to the masses in 1971, is introducing its first Cosmetic Lens NATURELLE™ to enhance Asian eyes so they look naturally beautiful and quietly captivating.

Offering natural beauty, daily comfort, eye health and clear vision, NATURELLE™ is designed for the busy modern women who aspire to exude effortless sophistication through subtly accentuated eyes on all occasions. With these unique attributes, NATURELLE™ is well-positioned to capture the beauty segment in the contact lenses market.

Famed for her leading role in “The Fierce Wife” drama and movie (犀利人妻) in 2012, Taiwanese model-turnedactress celebrity Sonia Sui Tang (隋棠) has been appointed by Bausch + Lomb to be the Singapore ambassador for the NATURELLE™ launch, after Taiwan. Known for her sophisticated looks, Sonia Sui stylishly demonstrates how Asian beauty attributes can glow with bigger, livelier eyes that still reflect Asian predispositions of being natural and subtly charming.

Naturelle™ has four unique features namely Natural Beauty, Eye Health, Daily Comfort and Clear Vision.

1. Natural Beauty

Designed to complement Asian eyes, NATURELLE™ features a unique and natural graduation pattern that blends seamlessly with eyes’ true colours, enlarges the iris’ appearance and brings out eyes’ natural beauty. In a survey conducted1, 91% of the wearers agree that NATURELLE™ blends naturally and seamlessly with their eyes; and more than 85% believe that NATURELLE™ gives their eyes a soft natural glow, and makes their eyes look more beautiful and spirited.

2. Eye Health

Bausch + Lomb’s proprietary Micro-Encapsulation Technology ensures that the color pigments are encapsulated within the lens material. The micro-encapsulated pigments are non-toxic and non-irritating to the eyes. Furthermore, the colours do not reduce oxygen flow through the lenses, allowing eyes to ‘breathe’ well. This makes NATURELLE™ healthy and safe to wear.

3. Daily Comfort

NATURELLE™ provides outstanding all-day comfort. Micro-Encapsulation Technology ensures pigments do not touch the eyes and cause irritation whilst ComfortMoist™ Technology keeps the lenses bathed in moisture , helping to provide outstanding comfort all-day long.

4. Clear Vision

NATURELLE™ features High Definition™ Optics for wearers to enjoy crisp and clear vision especially in low light conditions. This technology reduces visual distortion (spherical aberration) for sharp vision particularly in dimness. Also, the lens has been designed to not intrude the optic zone and hence does not affect vision quality.

Available in two colours, Natural Black and Stylish Brown, Bausch + Lomb’s NATURELLE™ daily disposable cosmetic lenses will retail at S$68.00 (per box of 30 lenses) at all leading optical stores in Singapore from 20 April 2013.