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Chanel Fall 2013 Makeup Collection: Superstition


For 2013 Fall, French luxury brand CHANEL is launching its new collection. The new collection is made based on stories of CHANEL’s creator, Gabrielle Chanel.

The collection includes colors of bronze, toffee, khaki, golden beige, pink, and burgundy. These are the colors that inspired Gabrielle in early 1900s and the mix of colors will provide joy and beauty.

The ‘Superstition Collection’ includes four makeup products: cream blusher, lipstick, eye makeup kit, and nail polish. The cream blushers come in six different colors and they are the colors that CHANEL never presented before. Lipsticks were made to match with the colors of blushers. They are mostly magical and elegant colors that make one look lively.

The eye makeup kit includes eye shadows, mascara, and eyeliner. The colors look very luxurious as the concept is golden and metallic and the products emphasize beautiful eyes with soft touch. Lastly, nail polishes come out in three colors that will create a perfect combination with other collection products. The colors include grey tone pink, metallic khaki and charcoal grey.

The ‘Superstition collection’ that reflects Gabrielle Chanel’s destiny is set to be sold at the brand’s stores on August 2.