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[K-Beauty] Miranda Kerr has a South Korean Clone


Miranda Kerr's admirers are legion - but we'd wager our last bottle of Kora Organics face cleanser and seventeen sacks of chia seeds that none cherish her existence more than South Korean superfan, Yuh Reum Hong.

Yuh Reum Hong appeared on Korean TV show Alien Virus to help promote Miranda Kerr to her fellow South Koreans.

Hong, who spoke recently of her fandom on the unhinged people vortex that is South Korean variety show Alien Virus, is so smitten with Gunnedah's most precious natural resource that she has done - and augmented - everything in her power to look like her creepy asian doppelganger. Those measures include wearing blue tinted contact lenses at all times, copying her style, hair and make-up, and undergoing Kerr-ective eye and nose surgery.

A young woman from South Korea has gone to extreme lengths to transform herself into a Kerr clone — resorting to plastic surgery, contact lenses, hair dye and a hefty slathering of makeup. Yuh Reum Hong appeared on Korean TV show Alien Virus this month saying she was disappointed the Australian model was not more popular in South Korea. Hong said she was imitating Kerr to help promote the model to her fellow South Koreans.

To achieve her dream of becoming the Korean Kerr, Hong said she had plastic surgery on her nose and eyes, uses blue contact lenses and dyes her hair golden brown. She also copies the model's outfits.

But her obsession doesn't end there — the program revealed the young woman's bedroom walls are plastered with photos of the Australian model. A clip of Hong walking through the streets in South Korea showed how many people were fooled by her look.

Passersby did not quite mistake Hong for the 30-year-old former Victoria's Secret model, but they did at least appear to think she was a westerner and tried speaking to her in English.

The show's hosts were not entirely convinced by her look, with one remarking that Hong looked like the "Martian version of Miranda Kerr" and that he preferred her appearance pre-transformation.

Source: Nine MSN