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South Korean Woman Goes from “Old Lady Face”4 to “Dream Girl”


Sorry guys, it’s time for yet another South Korean tale of cosmetic surgery woes.

I know I write way too much about South Korea’s penchant for cosmetic surgery and how things can turn towards the uncanny valley a little too quickly. I know you guys wish I’d just get off the topic because it’s depressing. 

Wait… What? WAIT WHAT?! There’s a person who got serious cosmetic surgery and it actually worked out really well?! 

Here, we’re looking at Sonyong Moon, a 29-year-old South Korean woman who underwent an amazing transformation on a South Korean documentary/reality show called “Let Me In” (Kanji readers may get a kick out of the subtle play on words here: Let美人, read “Bijin” in Japanese and “Mi-in” in Korean). 

Starting from her early teens, other kids apparently called poor Moon “Old Lady Face,” which has got to give a girl some serious image issues. The teasing supposedly continued into her twenties, when people started calling her, “The 20-something Grandma.” Okay, so, Koreans are apparently not the most sensitive folks around when it comes to outward appearance. 



If I may inject some personal commentary here: I’m not a big fan of cosmetic surgery as a principle. But, it’s hard to deny the existence of a kind of genetic lottery that some people win big and some people lose. Study after study has shown that looks can affect your overall success in life (especially in Korea, which we’ve talked about before), and cosmetic surgery – at least for those who were, let’s say, dealt a bad hand – can present a potent equalizer if wielded properly. 

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